200 Idioms with Their Urdu Meanings for CSS PMS FPSC

Idioms add color and complexity to language, helping us to express ideas and feelings in a unique way. However, they can also be challenging, especially for non-native speakers, because they often don’t make sense when taken literally. Here, we’ll explore 200 idioms, their meanings, and some examples of their use.

Idioms with Their Urdu Meanings

  • A dark horse: (چھپا رستم)

Meaning: An unexpected winner.

Example: He proved a dark horse and came first in the annual examination.

  • A red rag to the bull: (بھینسا)

Meaning: Bull

Example: My name to my enemy is a red rag to the bull:

  • Under a cloud: (شہرت میں کمی ہونا)

Meaning: In adversity.

Example: In the past he enjoyed the confidence of his officers but now a days he is under a cloud.

  • Hand in glove with: (گہرے تعلقات)

Meaning: On intimate terms.

Example: Aslam, and Arshad are great friends they are hand in glove with each other.

  • Once in a blue moon: (شاذو نادر)

Meaning: Very rarely.

Example: He visits the college office once in a blue moon.

  • The man in the street: (ہرکس ناکس)

Meaning: An ordinary inexpert man

Example: The man in the street often has little interest in politics.

  • A cat and dog life: (ہر وقت لڑتے رہنا)

Meaning: to be always quarreling.

Example: Dogs and cats are traditional enemies.

  • Hornets’ nest: (نا خوشگوار صورتحال پیدا کرنا)

Meaning: To create an unpleasant situation.

Example: If you try to stop Hamid from going to cinema you will stir up a hornet’s nest.

  • A feather in one cap: (پر)

Meaning: A distinction

Example: The prize that he won was quite a feather in his cap.

  • A turn coat: (نا قبل اعتماد انسان)

Meaning: A person who changes his opinion

Example: Do not trust a politician he is a turn coat.

  • Eye Wash: (مہمل بات)

Meaning: Do not talk such eye wash.

Example: Elections in Pakistan is just eye wash.

  • A square deal: (ایمانداری کا معاملہ)

Meaning: A BARGAIN MARKED by fames:

Example: The mill owner did not have a square deal with his workers:

  • A square Meal: (دو وقت کی روٹی)

Meaning: A good nourishing meal.

Example: MOST OF laborers do not get a square meal now a days

  • A square peg in a round hole: (ایسا شخص جو مناسب مقام پر نہ ہو)

Meaning: A person who feels out of place.

Example: He is a square peg in a round hole.

  • The eternal triangle: (ایک مرد کی دو عورتوں کے ساتھ محبت)

Meaning: Two men’s love for one women.

Example: The theme of most of the Pakistani films is the eternal triangle.

  • A dead letter: (ختم شدہ قانون)

Meaning: Someone no longer in force

Example: This law on divorce has already become a dead letter.

  • A bird’s Eye view: (جسے اڑتا ہوا پرندہ کسی چیز کا جائزہ لیتا ہے)

Meaning: Is a view seen from above as by a bird flying.

Example: The headmaster took a bird’s Eye view of the class.

  • A beast of burden: (بوجھ اٹھانے والا)

Meaning:  An animal used for carrying heavy loads.

Example: The donkey is a beast of burden.

  • Red tape: (دفتری طوالت)

Meaning: Official day

Example: I could not get the new job because there is a too much Red tape involved in it.

  • A bird of passage: (ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ بدلنے والا)

Meaning: A migratory.

Example: Do not trust him. He is a bird of passage.

  • A hard nut to crack: (مشکل کام)

Meaning: A uphill task.

Example: To root out corruption from our society is a hard nut to crack.

  • An open secret: (کھلا راز)

Meaning: A bone of contention:

Example: His marriage with a beautiful film actress is an open secret.

  • A bone of contention: (فساد کی جڑ)

Meaning: The root of evil.

Example: This piece of land is a bone of contention between the two brothers.

  • At a stone’s throw: (تھوڑے فاصلے پر)

Meaning: A small distance.

Example: Our College is situated at a stone’s throw from the bus stop.

  • Lions share : (بڑا حصہ)

Meaning: Major portion:

Example: He got a lion’s share of his father’s property.

  • In the good books: (منظور نظر)

Meaning: To be like and loved.

Example: Sincere and honest workers always remain in the good books of their officers.

  • Below the belt: ناجائز کردار ادا کرنا)

Meaning: unfair

Example: In the battle the cowards always hit below the belt.

  • Chicken heated: (بزدل)

Meaning: Cowardly.

Example: Only the chicken hearted persons can flatter their officers.

  • At daggers drawn: (دشمنی)

Meaning: To have Enmity:

Example: All the religious Parties in Pakistan are at daggers drawn with one another.

  • On the horns of dilemma: (پریشانی)

Meaning: to be in fix.

Example: She likes Ashraf but her parents force her to marry her cousin.

  • In a fix: (سخت الجھن کا شکار)

Meaning: To be in difficulty:

Example: His car has stock in the mud so that he is in a bad fix.

  • Every inch: (مکمل طور پر)

Meaning: Completely.

Example: He is very inch a Muslim and his proud of his traditions.

  • A storm in the tea cup: (معمولی باتوں پر ہنگامہ)

Meaning: Great fuss over a little thing.

Example: It is just a storm in the tea cup.

  • A blue eyed boy. (محبوب)

Meaning: A favorite:

Example: He will not be punished for his dishonesty because he is a blue eyed boy of his boss

  • To burn ones fingers: (تکلیف محسوس کرنا)

Meaning: To get into trouble.

Example: You will burn your fingers if you try to help his rogue

  • To turn a deaf ear to: (توجہ نہ دینا)

Meaning: To be inattentive.

Example: The boys turn a deaf ear to their teacher’s advice.

  • To nip something in the bud: (کسی سکیم یہ شے کو پہننے بغیر کچل دینا)

Meaning: To destroy in the early stages of growth.

Example: You should try to nip the evil in the bud.

  • Hold Water: (موثر بنانا)

Meaning: To be Effective.

Example: Your arguments do not hold water here.

  • To keep an arm’s length: (پرے رکھنا)

Meaning: To avoid.

Example: You should try to keep this swindler at an arm’s length.

  • Tongue in cheek:(منافقانہ)

Meaning: Insincere without meaning what one say.

Example: He said he was terribly sorry but I know he spoke with his tongue in the cheek.

  • A necessary evil:(ضروری برائی)

Meaning: An evil that cannot be avoided.

Example: Examination are a necessary evil.

  • Scot free:

Meaning: without any punishment

Example: Others were punished while

  • To be at loggers head:(ان بن ہونا)

Meaning: To be on inimical terms.

Example: She is on loggers head with her boss over the new working hours.

  • A Labour of love :(بغیر معاوضے کے کام)

Meaning: A thankless labour.

Example: I did not him for any personal gain it was all a labour of love.

  • A willing horse: (رضا مندی سے کام کرنے والا)

Meaning: A willing worker.

Example: Only a willing horse can make the working of his office successful.

  • At cross purpose: (متضاد نظریات کے حامل لوگ)

Meaning: Two persons having opposite view.

Example: He is at cross purpose with his farther on the issue of his marriage.

  • In ones elements: (جوش و خروش میں ہونا)

Meaning: To be in agreeable circumstances.

Example: Our player of cricket team were in their elements in the final match.

  • Fair play: (ایمانداری کے معاملات)

Meaning: Honest dealing.

Example: India does not have a fair play with Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.

  • Foul play: (نا جائز برتاؤ)

Meaning: Unlawful Dealings.

Example: I see a foul play in the Indian policy on no war with Pakistan.

  • The back bone: (مکمل طور پر)

Meaning: Chief support.

Example: He is a gentle man to the backbone.

  • The Fourth estate: (جائیداد جو بڑے قلعہ اراضی اور ایک بڑے مکان پر مشتمل ہو)

Meaning: the press

Example: The Fourth estate wields a great influence in a democratic country.

  • A snake in the grass: (چھپا دشمن)

Meaning: A deceitful person:

Example: Beware of your new friend he may prove a snake in the grass.

  • A ruling passion: (غالب)

Meaning: Ruling.

Example: Greed has become a ruling passion with most of us now a days.

  • In full swing: (جوبن پر)

Meaning: Swing.

Example: When I left the playground the match was in full swing

  • On the anvil: (زیر بحث)

Meaning: Under discussion.

Example: The new education policy is on the anvil.

  • A skeleton in the cupboard : (شرم ناک  راز)

Meaning: A source of shame

Example: There are many skeleton in my neighbor cup board.

  • Last straw: (آخری تنکہ)

Meaning: A little addition that makes a thing very miserable.

Example: he was a sick and weak person. His hard work at the new job proved a last straw for his health.

  • A hat track: (مسلسل تین کامیابیاں)

Meaning: Three successive victories

Example: Imran khan had hat trick in the cricket match when he bowled out three players of Indian team.

  • Blue stocking: (ادبی ذوق والی عورت)

Meaning: A women having literary taste.

Example: She is not well educated but she is a blue stocking:

  • : A bolt from the blue or out of blue: (ناگہانی آفت)

Meaning: A sudden calamity.

Example: The news of his son’s death in the car accident was a bolt from the blue for him.

  • At one’s beck and call: اشارے پر چلنا)

Meaning: Ready to serve.

Example: He is an obedient govt servant He is at the beck and call of his officers.

  • Herculean task: (غیر معمولی جسامت اور قوت رکھنے والا آدمی)

Meaning: Hercules:

Example: It is a herculean task to make an end of unemployment in Pakistan.

  • To leave one in lurch: (مصیبت میں گرفتار)

Meaning: To leave one in time of difficulty.

Example. Her husband left in the lurch and now she is leading a miserable life.

  • To eat a humble pie: (لڑ کھڑاہت)

Meaning; to yield to a very humiliating position.

Example: At least the proud Indian Army had to eat a humble pie in the 1965 War.

  • To stand on ceremony: (ذلت آمیزہ ترکے سے ہار ماننا)

Meaning: To be format.

Example: Sincere friends do not monkey with my new.

  • To monkey with; (تکلف برتنا)

Meaning: To do mischief or trick with a thing.

Example: Please do not monkey with my new V.C.R. You will break it.

  • To hit the nail on the head: (شرارتیں)

Meaning: To speak to the point.

Example: I hit the nail on the head by telling her that she was married.

  • To make a clean breast of: (ٹھیک بات کرنا)

Meaning: To confess one’s guilt.

He made a clean breast of his guilt before the judge.

  • To win laurels; (اعزاز حاصل کرنا)

Meaning; To win distinction.

Example; He bowled out three players of his rival team and thus won laurels in the match.

  • To cast a slur upon; (عزاز جتنا)

Meaning; to bring into dispute.

Example; He cast a slur upon the fair name of his parents by his wicked deeds.

  • To a long face: (خفگی)

Meaning: To look serious or solemn

Example: He pulled a long face at his insult in the meeting.

  • TO give vent to: (اظہار کرنا)

Meaning: To express.

Example: He gave went to his anger by kicking the chair.

  • To go hand in hand: (ساتھ ساتھ چلنا)

Meaning: To accompany each other.

Example: Rights and duties go hand in hand.

  • To sleep through one’s fingers: (موقعہ ہاتھ سے نکلنا)

Meaning: To escape narrowly.

Example: The post of a judge slipped through his fingers due to his idleness.

  • To pay one back in the same coin. (جیسے کو تیسا)

Meaning: To treat the same person in the same way in which he treats you.

Example: HE insulted me in the persons of my friends and I paid him back in the same coin.

  • To stand one in great stead: (کسی کی جگہ)

Meaning: Stead.

Example: My knowledge in English stood me in great stead in England.

  • To sallow the bait: (لالچ میں آنا)

Meaning: To be caught by temping promise.

Example: During the election many people swallow the bait and elect the insincere leaders.

  • To get into hot water: (مثبت میں گرفتار)

Meaning: To leave one in time of difficulty.

Example: if you not stop drinking.  You will soon get into hot water.

  • To cut a sorry figure: (ناکام ہونا)

Meaning; to make one self-ridiculous.

Example; She cut a sorry figure in the presence of her only husband.

  • To turn of a new leaf; (زندگی کا رخ بہتری کی طرف موڑنا)

Meaning: To change better.

Example: I am glad that you have turned over a new leaf after the death of your father.

  • To get rid of: (نجات حاصل کرنا)

Meaning: To be free from.

Example: I want to get rid of nasty fellow like you.

  • To put two and two together. (آپس میں مشورہ کرنا)

Meaning:  To drew a conclusion from certain circumstances

Example: IF we lay heads together we shall be able to find a way out of this difficulty.

  • To throw cold water on: (مایوس کرنا)

Meaning: To discourage

Example: I asked him to help me but he threw cold water upon my hopes.

  • To look down upon: (نفرت کرنا)

Meaning: To hate.

Example: The rich should not look down upon the poor.

  • To come to pass: (رونما ہونا)

Meaning: To happen.

Example: It come to pass after a period of time that they had a son.

  • To pull a long face: (خفگی)

Meaning: To look serious or solemn.

Example: He pulled a long face at his insult in the meeting.

  • To fight tooth and nail: (جنگ لڑنا)

Meaning: To fight persistently.

Example: We should fight tooth and nail for our right.

  • To fight shy of: (شرمیلا)

Meaning: Shy:

Example: She fights shy of her relatives.

  • To follow suit: (الٹ جانا)

Meaning: To imitate

Example: When he left the class room, his class fellows followed suit.

  • To turn turtle: (جوانی کی خرمستیاں)

Meaning: To be upset.

Example: The boat turned turtle in the accident and into the river.

  • To sow one’s wild oats: (مشتعل کرنا)

Meaning: Oats

Example: HE sowed all his wild oats before the married.

  • To add fuel to the fire: (جلتی پر تیل پھینکنا)

Meaning: to supply fresh cause of excitement.

Example: His speech to the workers added fuel to fire and they went on strike.

  • To beggar description: (اس کے بیان سے زبان قاصر ہے)

Meaning: be too extraordinary to describe.

Example: Her Beauty beggars description.

  • To burn the candle: (فضول خرچی کرنا)

Meaning: To suffer both way:

Example: My friend burnt the candle at both ends and lost his property.

  • To die in harness: (مرتے دم تک کام کرنا)

Meaning: To die in active employ.

Example: QUAID E AZAM died in harness.

  • To fan the flames: (مشتعل کرنا)

Meaning: To aggravate the situation

Example: His speech seemed to fan the flames between the students and the principal.

  • To keep up appearances: (واضح داری قائم رکھنا)

Meaning: To maintain the outward shows.

Example: it is very difficult for the poor to keep up appearances now a days.

  • To be taken aback: (ہکا ہکا رہنا)

Meaning: to be surprised.

Example: HE was taken aback at the sudden change of govt in Pakistan.

  • To have a fly in ones bonnet: (ذہنی طور پر پریشان ہونا)

Meaning: BONNET.

Example: his broken speech in the function shows as if he had a fly in his bonnet.

  • To bury the hatchet: (دشمنی ختم کرو)

Meaning: To make an end of enmity.

Example: Let us bury hatchet and be friends again.

  • Pay off old scores: (بدلہ چکانا)

Meaning: Take revenge of old grievances.

Example: He killed his enemy and in this way paid off his old scores.

  • To have an axe to grind:(ذاتی مفاد )

Meaning: A prive end to serve.

Example: I have no political axe to grind.

  • To end in smoke:(رائیگاں جانا )

Meaning: To fail,

Example: All his efforts to start a new business ended in smoke.

  • To curry favour:(خوشامند کرنا)

Meaning: Curry to make meat or vegetables into curry.

Example: I consider it beneath my dignity to curry favor with my boss.

  • To biow one’s own trumpet: (اپنے میں مٹھو بننا)

Meaning: To boast or to indulge in self-praise:

Example: He is in habit of blowing his own trumpet.

  • To end in fiasco:(انتشار پر احتتام )

Meaning: To end in confusion.

Example: The debate ended in fiasco.

  • A jack off all trades:

Meaning: A person who can do any kind of work.

Example: He is a jack off all trades but mater of none.

  • A man of letters: (ادبی ذوق رکھنے والا آدمی)

Meaning: literary man.

Example: Dr. Iqbal is a literary man.

  • A man of parts: (غیر معمولی قابلیت کا آدمی)

Meaning: a man of superior ability

Example; everybody now realizes that Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan is a man of superior ability.

  • A man of spirits: (بہادر آدمی )

Meaning: Brave person.

Example: Major Abdul Aziz is a man of spirits.

  • A man of straw: (معمولی آدمی)

Meaning: of no importance.

Example: Nobody respect him Because he is a man of straw.

  • A bed of roses : (آرام دا)

Meaning: Comfortable

Example: Life is not a bed of roses for a ruler in Pakistan.

  • A bed of thorns: (مشکل)

Meaning: A difficult thing:

Example: Life is a bad of thorns for a policeman

  • Birds of a feather: (پر)

Meaning: Persons having the same disposition of a feather means of one feather i.e. of the same plumage.

Example: Birds of a feather flock together.

  • A cock and bull story: (مرغ)

Meaning: cock

Example: His marriage with a film actress is simple a cock and bull story.

  • A fish out of water: (بےچین)

Meaning: A state of uneasiness

Example: The mother felt like a fish out of water in the absence of the child.

  • A wet blanket: (کسی محفل کے جوش خروش کو کم کرنے والا شحص)

Meaning: Blanket.

Example: Nobody likes him because he is a wet blanket and spoils the pleasure of every function.

  • The swan song: (کسی شحص کا کوئی آخری اچھا کام)

Meaning: Swan

Example: This poem was the swang song of Iqbal.

  • A white lie: (سفید جھوٹ)

Meaning: an outright untruth

Example: What he said was a white lie.

  • A wild goose chase: (ناکام کوشش)

Meaning: Useless effort

Example: To find lost girl without the help of police will prove a wild goose chase.

  • An apple of discord: (فساد کی جڑ)

Meaning: An object of dispute.

Example: This house is an apple of discord between two brothers.

  • A queer fish: عجیب)

Meaning: A strange or crazy person

Example: Our professor of English is a queer fish.

  • A rainy day: (مشکل وقت)

Meaning: Time of difficulty.

Example: we must lay be something of against a rainy day.

  • A red letter day: (مبارک دن)

Meaning: An auspicious or fortunate day.

Example: 14 August 1947 is a red letter day in the history of Pakistan.

  • A right hand man: (دست راست)

Meaning: Chief helper

Example: Liaquat ali khan is a right hand man of Quaid I Azam

  • Small talk: (ہلکی پھلکی)

Meaning: Light conversation

Example: Quaid I Azam did not indulge in small talk with other politicians.

  • Iron will: (مضبوط ارادے والا)

Meaning: Strong determination

Example: Quiaid I Azam was a man of iron will

  • A laughing stock: (خیز شے)

Meaning: An object of ridicule:

Example: He has become a laughing stock of the class for his foolish acts.

  • An oily tongue: (چکنی باتیں کرنا)

Meaning : Oily covered with oil

Example: beware of the oily tongue of your new friend

  • Smooth sailing: (تیرنا)

Meaning: an easy task:

Example: To pass the B A examination without preparation is not a smooth sailing

  • Point blank: (بے لاگ)

Meaning: to say or do something direct

Example: He gave a point blank refusal to help me.

  • A fair weather friend: (مطلبی دوست)

Meaning:  A friend who leaves you in trouble.

Example: Do not trust him, he is a fair weather friend.

  • French leave: (غیر حاضری)

Meaning:  Absence without leave or permission

Example: The clerk was given a warning for talking French leave.

  • A hair breath escape: (بال بال بچنا)

Meaning:  A narrow escape

Example: He had a hair breath escape in the car accident.

  • A henpecked husband: (عورت کا اپنے مرد کو ستانا)

Meaning:  A husband who obeys his wife

Example: He cannot help you without the permission of his wife as he is a henpecked husband.

  • An iron hand: (سختی سے)

Meaning:  Firm control:

Example: The government crushed the criminal with an iron hand.

  • A burning question: (گرما گرم مسلۂ)

Meaning: An urgent and important matter

Example: The burning question is whether Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan

  • A maiden speech: (پہلی تقریر)

Meaning: The first speech that one makes

Example: His maiden speech in the assembly was successful.

  • A close fisted man: (کنجوس آدمی)

Meaning: A miser to spend money close.

Example: He is close fisted man. He does not spend money on the poor.

  • A cold blooded murder: (بے رحم قتل)

Meaning: A murder having no mercy or pity.

Example: The killing of Liaquat Ali khan was a cold blooded murder.

  • Crocodile tears: (مگرمچھ کے آنسو)

Meaning: it was a false belief that the crocodile wept in order to allure its victims.

Example: The step mother shed crocodile tears on her son’s death.

  • In apple pie order (حد درجہ صفای)

Meaning: Perfectly neat and methodical arrangement

Example: The books are laying on the table in apple pie order.

  • A white elephant: (ایسی چیز یا جائداد جس کی ضرورت نہ رہی ہو)

Meaning: Too costly to be worth maintaining

Example: This old car is a white elephant for a poor person.

  • A black sheep: (کسی گروہ یا خاندان کا نہ پسندیدہ شحص)

Meaning: That member who is thought to be disgrace to the other members of it.

Example: Now every profession has got its black sheep.

  • A bosom friend: (گہرہ دوست)

Meaning: A close and dear friend and went everywhere together.

Example: They were bosom friends and went everywhere together.

  • A brown study: (خیالات میں غرق)

Meaning: A state of mental absorption

Example: He did not make an answer to me as he was engaged in a brown study.

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