4000 Essential English WORDS Download in PDF BOOK 1

4000 essential English words PDF BOOK 1 which every English learner must learn in order to improve his / her English from the very basic to advanced level. The set of books is equally important for all and sundry. It absolutely doesn’t matter where do you stand in English language, what proficiency level you have already attained, the set of books is still there to overcome some shortcomings.


afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever, cruel, finally, hide, hunt, lot,
middle, moment, pleased, promise, reply, safe, trick, well 8
adventure, approach, carefully, chemical, create, evil, experiment, kill, laboratory,
laugh, loud, nervous, noise, project, scare, secret, shout, smell, terrible, worse 14
alien, among, chart, cloud, comprehend, describe, ever, fail, friendly, grade,
instead, library, planet, report, several, solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view 20
appropriate, avoid, behave, calm, concern, content, expect, frequently, habit, instruct,
issue, none, patient, positive, punish, represent, shake, spread, stroll, village 26

Essential Vocabulary words 1

4000 Essential English WORDS PDF

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