Vocab for Academic & Competitive

English Vocab with meaning in Urdu – Set 13

English Vocabulary for Academic & Competitive Exams

The +5000 Core English words of this series along with Urdu meaning are the most useful words in both spoken and written English as well as all other academic and competitive exams.

Set-13  ↓

Advanced Vocabulary English to Urdu

Missionخاص مَقصَد
Neverthelessاس کے باوجود
Overseasبَیرونِ مُلک
Persuadeمائل کرنا
Significantمَعنی خیز
Volcanoآتش فِشاں
 mailڈاک بیجھنا
 outlineخَط کَشی
 poetنظم نگار
 sceneجائے وقوعہ
 sheetمستطیل ٹکڑا
 sufferمُبتلا ہونا

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