Vocab for Academic & Competitive

English Vocab with meaning in Urdu – Set 6

English Vocabulary for Academic & Competitive Exams

The +5000 Core English words of this series along with Urdu meaning are the most useful words in both spoken and written English as well as all other academic and competitive exams.

Set-6  ↓

Advanced Vocabulary English to Urdu

Laughter ہَنسی کی آواز
Log درخت کا تنا
Military کسی قوم کی فوج
Obey اطاعت کَرنا
Secure حاصل کرنا
Steady محبُوب
Trust اعتماد کرنا
Twist بل کھاکر گرفت سے نکلنا
Unless اگر نہیں
Weapon ہتھیار
fright خَوف
 ghost بھُوت
 individual انسان
 pet پالتو جانور
 reach پُہنچ
 return موڑنا
 survive زندہ باقی رہنا
 upset پریشان
 voice  آواز
weather موسم
 wise اعتبار سے

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