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Gestures Vocabulary with Hindi and Urdu meanings

Gestures Vocabulary with meanings. English Vocabulary with Urdu and Hindi meanings. Important English Vocabulary related to gestures.

Gestures Vocabulary with meanings. English Vocabulary related to Gestures. English Vocabulary with Urdu and Hindi meanings. Important English Vocabulary related to gestures.

  1. Applaud: clap; cheer; praise تالی بجانا، مرحبا کہنا، نعرہ تحسین بلند کرنا
  2. Arms behind back, shoulders back: shows confidence
  3. Arms crossed: defensive or insecure
  4. Avoiding eye contact: shows someone is shy, worried, lying نظر نہ ملانا، آنکھیں چرانا
  5. Biting nails :shows someone is nervous ناخن کترنا
  6. Blink: shutting both eye آنکھیں جھپکنا ، پلکیں جھپکنا
  7. Blushing (going red in the cheeks): shows embarrassmentپریشانی یا حیا سے چہرے کا سرخ ہوجانا
  8. Bow (bending at the waist): greeting someone new (in some countries); bending forward of the head or body آداب بجا لانا، جھک جانا
  9. Chew: grind food with the teethچبانا
  10. Chin stroking:
  11. Clap: applaud تالی بجانا، آفرین کہنا
  12. Clear your throat: to give a small cough to remove anything that makes speaking difficult, to attract attention, or to delay speaking when hesitant کھنکھارنا
  13. Clench one’s fist: to curl fingers up tightly, usually because you are angry مٹھیاں بھینچنا
  14. Clench one’s teeth: to press your top and bottom teeth together, often in anger دانت پیسنا
  15. Click/Snap: short snapping sound
  16. Covering the mouth: the hand covers the mouth
  17. Crinkling nose: to move your nose so that small lines appear on it ناک سکیڑنا
  18. Cross one’s fingers: to put one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck
  19. Deadpan face (without any expression): emotionless or hiding feelings; the art of having no expression on your face no matter the hilarity or other reactions you are causing in your audience جذبات سے عاری چہرہ
  20. Direct eye contact: a situation in which two people look directly into each other’s eyes آنکھوں میں آنکھیں ڈالنا
  21. Ear tug: to try to block the words someone is hearing by putting the hand around or over the ear or tugging at the earlobe ہاتھوں سے کان بندکرلینا
  22. Eyes and mouth open: shows horror or fright
  23. Eyes rubbing: a brain’s attempt to block out the deceit, doubt or distasteful thing it sees, or to avoid having to look at the face of the person who is being lied to آنکھیں ملنا
  24. Eyes staring into the distance: dreamy, not concentrating خلاؤں میں گھورنا
  25. Eyes wide open: shows surprise آنکھیں پھیلنا
  26. Fiddle: touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way ہاتھ ہلاتے جانا
  27. Fidget: move about uneasily or restlessly
  28. Fingers in the mouth: fingers are placed in the mouth an outward indication of an inner need for reassurance or when a person is under pressure
  29. Grab: sudden grasp, snatch اچک لینا، جلدی سے پکڑ لینا
  30. Grin: smiling (showing your teeth)  دانت نکال کر ہنسنا
  31. Hand placed on the cheek: گال پر ہاتھ رکھنا
  32. Hands covering gaping mouth: scared
  33. Head in hands: to cover your face with your hands because you are very upset ہاتھوں سے سر تھام لینا
  34. Head tilted to one side:ایک طرف سر جھکانا
  35. Hush: to make silent چپ کروانا
  36. Lace your fingers together: to put the fingers of one hand between the fingers of the other hand
  37. Laugh: sound which expresses amusement قہقہہ، ہنسنا
  38. Leaning: bend; tend toward; cause to slant or tilt جھکاؤ
  39. Lick: draw tongue across over a surface (to taste, moisten, etc.) کسی چیز پر زبان پھیرنا
  40. Locked ankles :locked ankles with knees apart; shows apprehension
  41. Make a face: to put a silly or rude expression on your face, or an expression that shows you dislike someone or something منہ بنانا
  42. Nod one’s head: moving the head up and down to show agreement, yes
  43. Pat: to touch someone or something gently and usually repeatedly with the hand flat تھپکنا، آہستہ آہستہ دبانا
  44. Point at somebody/something: to direct other people’s attention to something by holding out your finger towards it انگلی سے اشارہ کرنا
  45. Press lips together (tight lipped): annoyed, angry سختی سے ہونٹ بھینچ لینا
  46. Pull one’s collar: it occurs when a person is feeling angry or frustrated and needs to pull the collar away from his neck in an attempt to let the cool air circulateکالر پیچھے کرنا
  47. Pull one’s ear: کان کھینچنا
  48. Pull one’s tongue:
  49. Punch: to strike with a fist مکا مارنا
  50. Putting arms up with palms facing forward: shows submission
  51. Raise eye brows: shows doubtful, disbelieving بھوئیں اچکانا
  52. Raise one’s hand:ہاتھ کھڑا کرنا
  53. Roll (your eyes): to move your eyes around in a circle because someone has said or done something stupid or strangeآنکھیں گھمانا
  54. Rubbing your nose: ہاتھ سے ناک سہلانا
  55. Rubbing the hands together briskly: تیزی سے ہاتھ آپس میں رگڑنا
  56. Scratch: scrape with the finger nails to relieve an itch ہلکا سا کھجانا، نوچنا
  57. Scratching one’s head: shows confusion  آہستہ سے سر کھجانا
  58. Scratching one’s neck: the index finger, usually of the writing hand, scratches the side of the neck below the earlobe; it shows doubt or uncertainty ناخن سے گردن کھجانا
  59. Shake one’s fist: to shake your close hand in the direction of another person as a way of showing that you are angry at them غصہ میں مکا دکھانا
  60. Shake somebody’s hand: to grasp one’s hand as a gesture of greeting, farewell, congratulation, or agreement کسی سے ہاتھ ملانا
  61. Shaking the head: to move one’s head from side to side expresses disapproval, dissent, or doubt نفی میں سر ہلانا
  62. Shrug one’s shoulders: move shoulders up and down کندھے اچکانا
  63. Slap: strike with an open handتھپڑ مارنا
  64. Smack: similar to slapہلکا سا تھپڑ مارنا، چپت لگانا
  65. Smile: facial expression in which the corners of the mouth turn upمسکرانا، اظہار تبسم کرنا
  66. Sniff: short inhalation’ often to smell somethingسوں سوں کرنا، سڑکنا
  67. Stamp one’s feet: to strike the floor or ground forcefully with one’s foot زمین پر زور سے پاؤں مارنا
  68. Stare: fixed look; penetrating gaze; to look at with a steady gaze گھورنا
  69. Steepling of the fingers: the act of putting your fingertips together so that they form an upward-pointing V-shape
  70. Stick out one’s tongue: to make a rude sign by putting the tongue outside the mouth زبان چڑانا
  71. Stroke/Pet: light touch; caress پچکارنا، ہاتھ پھیرنا، ہلکے سے سہلانا
  72. Stroking one’s beard/chin: expresses thinking deeplyسوچتے ہوئے داڑھی پر ہاتھ پھیرنا
  73. Stub: strike one’s toe into something پیر کی انگلی کا کسی چیز سے ٹکرا جانا
  74. Swallow: send down the throat, usually food and drinkنگلنا
  75. Tapping/Drumming the fingers: the act of touching something gently, especially so as to make a soft knocking sounds انگلیوں سے بجانا
  76. Thumbs down: used to show disapproval of something ناپسندیدگی کا اظہار
  77. Thumbs up: used to show agreement, approval پسندیدگی کا اظہار، قبولیت
  78. Tickle: create an itching sensation by touching lightly گدگدانا
  79. To cup one’s hands: to put one’s hands together to form a sort of cup ہاتھوں کا پیالہ بنانا
  80. Touching the nose: several quick rubs below the nose or it may be one quick ناک رگڑنا
  81. Turn your head: سرموڑنا
  82. Twiddle one’s thumbs: turn; twist; fiddle تفریحاً گھمانا، گولائی میں گھمانا، شغل کے طور پر کھیلنا
  83. Wave: make an up and down gesture with the hand  ہاتھ ہلاکر رخصت کرنا
  84. Whistle: make a sound by blowing air through the lips  سیٹی بجانا
  85. Wink: act of closing one eye آنکھ مارنا
  86. Yawn: involuntarily open the mouth wide and inhale due to drowsiness or fatigue جماہی لینا

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