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Aligarh Movement Indo Pak History CSS Note

Aligarh Movement Complete article Indo Pak History CSS, PMS, IAS, UPSC Notes. History of India and Pakistan Notes for Exams. Aligarh movement Article

The Condition Of Muslims After The War Of Independence

  • The British wrath upon them.
  • Check on progress in all spheres.
  • Inimical attitude towards modern knowledge.

“Though both Muslims and Hindus fought for their liberation, the heavy hands of Britishers fell on Muslims.” (Nehru)

The Position Of Hindus

  • Merely a change of rulers for them.
  • Progress under British auspices.

Aligarh  Movement-different Aspects

  • A multidimensional movement.
  • Renaissance of Muslims.
  1. Political Services

“Galvanized a mass of frustrated Muslims into a nation and ultimately guided them towards their destination.”

  1. Steps for understanding b/w Muslims and Britishers .
  • The pamphlet for the cause of revolt.
  • Loyal Muhammadans of India.
  • Tabayan.ul.quran
  • Efforts In Urdu Hindi Controversy
  • Seperate Electorate
  • Basis Of Two Nation Theory

“Muslims and hinds can’t get united in   anything whole heartedly.”

  • Educational Services

“The only knowledge which can equip Muslims for the struggle of life is the knowledge of European literature and sciences.”

  • Aligarh College.

MAO school (1874), college (1877), university, (1920).

Eastern and modern education.

  • Muhammadan Educational Conference

Public meetings to discuss modern techniques of education.

  •  Scientific Society.


    4.English Medium Of

  • At Ghazi Purr for the purpose of translation (1860).                                           `
  •   Services For Urdu.

 . Aligarh institute which worked a lot for the progress of Urdu.

  • Social And Religious Services
  • Tehzib-ul-ikhlaq
  • Rectification Of Muslims
  • Religious Writings

Impacts Of Aligarh Movement

  • Education for Muslims
  • Unity among Muslims
  • Protection of Muslim rights
  • Culmination of social evils
  • Political awareness for Muslims
  • Better understanding with Britishers
  • Economic welfare of Muslims
  • Projection of two nation theory

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