Belief in the Last Day (Yawmul-Akhir or Yawmul-Qiyamah) the Day of Resurrection, the Day of Reckoning (Yawmul-Dm), is one of the Fundamental dogmas of Islam. In line with the teaching of Islam, the Muslim acknowledges that death is not the end of life; it only opens the door to another life which is eternal. He is constantly aware that the Last Day means death of individuals, period in the grave, resurrection, judgment and reward with either paradise or Hell Fire. He is not oblivious that it is Allah Who causes Human being to die, buried and resurrected (Suratu ‗Abasa, Quran 80:21-22). In another portion of the book of guidance where the state of the last Day is presented vividly and graphically, Allah warns that: ―Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder! And your Lord has come and the Angels rank upon rank! And hell is brought that Day (face to face), on that Day, human being will remember (All his past deeds); but how will the remembrance profit him? He will lament, Oh! I wish I had sent ahead (some good) for my future life! So on that Day, his punishment will be severe as none has been inflicted so much! And his binding (with heavy chains) will be (so painful) as none other has been so much! The righteous soul will be told, Oh! The reassured soul! Return to your Lord well pleased with yourself and pleasing (to Allah)! And enter among My Righteous servants! And enter My paradise! (Quran 89:21-30).

Meaning of the Judgment Day:

The Judgment Day is the appointed time, when the whole mankind and Jinn will be raised after death, and Judged by Allah according to His Law, which has been contained in His Books. The fortunate persons among mankind and jinn who succeed on that day will enter Allah‘s Paradise, while the unfortunate ones will be thrown into Hell. Life in the Hereafter:

Islam impress upon the mind of mankind that this world is Dar-al-Amal (i.e. world for performing good deeds in accordance with the spirit of Islam0, and the next life is that of Dar-al-Jaza (where the doers of good deeds will be rewarded or punished)‖. The Quran refers to this fact more elaborately that ―This worldly life is nothing but merely a temporary pastime, whereas ―it is the Hereafter that is the Home better and lasting.‖ Again the Quran says: You will see (on the day of Judgment) the wrong doers fearful on account of that which they have earned and it (the penalty thereof) is sure to befall them. But those who believe and perform righteous deeds will be in the luxuriant meadows of Paradise. A belief in the life after death is one of the main principles of Islam. In the light of clear teachings of the Quran, death is not the end of life of tile mankind, but it opens the door to another form of eternal life. The faith in the life after death is the bases which make life more serious and more useful. It is the pivot on which this worldly life hinges. This faith is only second to that of acknowledgement of Oneness of God. So Allah takes up this matter frequently in the Holy Quran. The faith in the Hereafter regulates both thought and action of man, the upholder of this faith finds that he is not only answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgment, but is face to face with Him all the time in this very would.

The Islamic Concept of Hereafter: Summary of the Belief:

  1. One day God destroy the whole world along with its inhabitants.
  2. He will grant another life to mankind who will then be presented before Allah.

iii. All humanity will have to render an account of all his deeds, good or evil before the Judgment of God.

  1. God Almighty will weigh the good and evil deeds of every man. If a person‘s good deeds out weight evil deeds he will be rewarded and where evil deed overweigh the good he shall face chastisement. These are basic answers to basic questions, which have been set forth by Allah through revelation to his


Messengers (A.S) and through the Holy Quran which is the attester of all previous revelations.

The Arguments of the Quran and Hadith:

  1. The Quran says: ―Have they not considered the dominions of the heavens and the earth?‖ It is implied in this verse that we should keep our eyes open and ponder over the system governing days and nights. The earth and the sky have been created by God and can be destroyed by Him. Similarly when we reflect on the benefits that we accrue from resources of universe, we are compelled to realize and believe the Supreme Being who has created the universe and its Laws. (Surah:Ha-Meem)
  2. And in the Surah Room it is revealed: ―He it is who produceth creation then re-produceth it, and it is easier for Him.‖ Here it is argued that it is difficult to create a thing, but it is easier to repair a thing which has been disintegrated. Similarly it is easy for Allah to create mankind out of particles, how can it be difficult for Allah to resurrect man after death? A number of verses having the same theme have been revealed for the guidance of mankind.

iii. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: ―You will have to die, like you sleep and you will have to get up as awake.‖ This argument pertains to the life of man wherein he has been granted free-will. But those people who are arrogant do not consider such matters. Here it is argued that it is difficult to create a thing, but it is easier to repair or re-integrate a thing which has been disintegrated. Similarly, if it is easy for Allah to create mankind out of particles, how can it be difficult for Allah to resurrect man after death?

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