Category: Idioms

Our “Idioms” blog section is a fun and interesting place where you can learn about special phrases called idioms. These phrases have secret meanings that aren’t what the words say exactly. For example, if someone is “in hot water”, it doesn’t mean they’re taking a bath, but they’re in some kind of trouble! We explore many idioms like these from all over the world. You might find some that you’ve heard before, and you’ll definitely find some that are new to you. By learning these idioms, you can understand more when people speak and sound more like a native speaker yourself. Come join us and add a dash of color to your language skills!

we explore a variety of types of idioms that make language more colorful and expressive. You’ll discover “food idioms” like “piece of cake” meaning something easy, or “spill the beans” meaning to reveal a secret. We also look into “animal idioms” such as “let the cat out of the bag” and “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Then there are “color idioms” like “green with envy” or “feeling blue”. And don’t forget “sports idioms” like “ball is in your court” and “hit it out of the park”. By learning these and many other types of idioms, you’ll find that conversations and stories become more vivid and engaging. So dive into the world of idioms with us, and watch your understanding and use of language grow in exciting ways!