Collective Nouns are special words we use to talk about groups. When we say a ‘pack of dogs’ or a ‘team of players,’ we’re using Collective Nouns. They help us describe a whole group in just one word, making our language simpler and clearer. These words are important because they give us a quick way to talk about many things or people at once. They make our sentences neat and easy to understand. Knowing about Collective Nouns is helpful for anyone learning English, as they make our conversations and writing more interesting.

Collective Nouns

Why Collective Nouns Matter

Learning about Collective Nouns is essential for English learners. They not only make sentences more concise but also add a creative touch to our language. For example, instead of saying “many sheep,” we say “a flock of sheep.”

List of 100 Collective Nouns

  • A flock of birds
  • A herd of cattle
  • A school of fish
  • A pack of wolves
  • A swarm of bees
  • A litter of puppies
  • A pride of lions
  • A murder of crows
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A bunch of grapes
  • A library of books
  • A fleet of ships
  • A troop of monkeys
  • A gaggle of geese
  • A parliament of owls
  • A colony of ants
  • A choir of singers
  • A pod of dolphins
  • A gaggle of geese
  • A company of actors
  • A panel of experts
  • A team of players
  • A crowd of people
  • A forest of trees
  • A galaxy of stars
  • A stack of papers
  • A collection of coins
  • A cluster of stars
  • A range of mountains
  • A chain of islands
  • A group of islands
  • A batch of cookies
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A deck of cards
  • A packet of letters
  • A set of tools
  • A suite of rooms
  • A flight of stairs
  • A heap of rubble
  • A line of cars
  • A pair of twins
  • A basket of fruit
  • A belt of asteroids
  • A circle of friends
  • A class of students
  • A clowder of cats
  • A board of directors
  • A bouquet of roses
  • A brace of ducks
  • A brood of chicks
  • A cast of actors
  • A clutch of eggs
  • A cohort of soldiers
  • A complement of sailors
  • A congregation of worshippers
  • A convocation of eagles
  • A corps of engineers
  • A covey of partridges
  • A crash of rhinos
  • A crew of sailors
  • A dynasty of kings
  • A exaltation of larks
  • A faculty of academics
  • A flotilla of boats
  • A gaggle of comedians
  • A gang of thieves
  • A generation of people
  • A glint of gold
  • A grumble of pugs
  • A huddle of penguins
  • A kindle of kittens
  • A knot of toads
  • A leap of leopards
  • A mob of kangaroos
  • A muster of peacocks
  • A nest of vipers
  • A network of computers
  • A pack of cards
  • A patrol of policemen
  • A phalanx of soldiers
  • A pile of clothes
  • A platoon of soldiers
  • A posse of policemen
  • A pride of peacocks
  • A quiver of arrows
  • A raft of ducks
  • A range of hills
  • A regiment of soldiers
  • A rookery of penguins
  • A school of whales
  • A scoop of ice cream
  • A shoal of fish
  • A skein of geese
  • A slate of candidates
  • A sleuth of bears
  • A squad of policemen
  • A staff of employees
  • A string of pearls
  • A troop of scouts
  • A wad of notes

Examples and Their Usage

Here, we’ll explore 100 common Collective Nouns and how to use them:

Collective Noun Meaning Usage in a Sentence
A class of students A group of students studying together The class of students prepared for their final exams.
A flock of birds A group of birds, typically flying together We watched the flock of birds migrate south.
A pack of wolves A group of wolves, often hunting together A pack of wolves was seen roaming the forest.
A library of books A large collection of books His study featured an impressive library of books.
A bunch of grapes A cluster of grapes growing together She picked a bunch of grapes from the vine.
A herd of elephants A group of elephants, usually traveling together A herd of elephants gathered at the watering hole.
A bouquet of flowers A collection of flowers arranged together He gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her birthday.
A fleet of ships A group of ships sailing together The fleet of ships set sail at dawn.
A troop of monkeys A group of monkeys living or traveling together A troop of monkeys was swinging through the trees.
A gaggle of geese A group of geese, typically on the ground A gaggle of geese waddled across the road.
A swarm of bees A large group of bees flying together The swarm of bees buzzed around the flowers.
A pride of lions A group of lions, typically a family unit A pride of lions rested in the shade.
A murder of crows A group of crows A murder of crows cawed loudly in the trees.
A parliament of owls A group of owls A parliament of owls gathered in the old barn.
A pod of dolphins A group of dolphins swimming together A pod of dolphins leaped out of the water.
A choir of singers A group of singers performing together The choir of singers rehearsed for the concert.
A panel of judges A group of judges in a competition or court The panel of judges delivered their verdict.
A team of athletes A group of athletes working together The team of athletes trained for the upcoming event.
A bundle of sticks A collection of sticks or twigs He gathered a bundle of sticks for the campfire.
A clowder of cats A group of cats A clowder of cats lounged in the sunny courtyard.
A squad of police A group of police officers The squad of police arrived at the scene.
A bushel of apples A large quantity of apples She bought a bushel of apples for the pie.
A colony of ants A group of ants living together A colony of ants marched in a line.
A deck of cards A complete set of playing cards He shuffled the deck of cards.
A nest of mice A group of mice living together A nest of mice was found in the attic.
A bouquet of balloons A bunch of balloons tied together He carried a bouquet of balloons for the party.
A cloud of dust A mass of dust particles A cloud of dust rose from the road.
A platoon of soldiers A military unit of soldiers The platoon of soldiers marched in the parade.
A school of whales A group of whales swimming together A school of whales was spotted offshore.
A troop of scouts A group of scouts, especially in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts The troop of scouts went camping.

Collective Nouns and Their 100 Examples

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