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The purpose of birth of mankind is no other than the worship of Allah. The basis of Ibadah (worship) is the that human beings are creatures who bond-servants of Allah. Thus man‘s turning towards Allah. Worship is an essential part of all religions. However, in each religion by different objectives is performed under a different set of rules.

Meaning of Ibadat:

Word Ibadat is extract from Abd that means servant and slave, so meaning of Ibadat is servitude and slavery. If a person who is a slave of somebody remains in his service as a slave and behaves with him as one should behave with a master, it is called servitude and Ibadat. As against this, if a person who is slave of somebody and also gets full salary from him but does not serve him just as a slave ought to serve his master, it will be called disobedience and insubordination. In fact, more appropriately, it amounts to being untrue to one‘s salt.

The Prerequisites of Worship in Islam: 

Following are requisites which constitute together Ibadat are:

  • Fidelity to Allah
  • Obedience to Allah; and
  • Respect and reverence for Allah

Distinguishing Features of Islamic Concept of Worship:

  • Freedom from Intermediaries
  • Not Confined to Specific Places
  • All Embracing View
  • Intentions and Motives
  • Positions of Specific Rituals

Impacts of worship:

  • Reformation of Human Life
  • Channelization of Human powers in positive manner
  • Islamic Worship not Asceticism, Renunciation


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