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Deoband Movement Indo Pak History CSS Notes

Deoband Movement Indo Pak History CSS Notes articles for Competitive exams. CSS, PMS, IAS, UPSC for history of indian and Pakistan.

Deoband Movement Indo Pak History CSS Notes

Background-need For Deoband

  • Preaching of Christian missionaries after war of independence
  • Need for religious education
  • Islamic revival of the Muslims

Establishment Of Deoband

  • Idea floated by Maulana Muhammad Abid
  • Laid foundation in 1866 in the mosque of Deoband, UP
  • Maulana Abid as patron
  • Maulana Qasim compiled rules
  • Working committee

Religious Contributions

  1. Islamic Education
  • Upholding Quran and Sunnah
  1. Guidance To True Education
  • Preaching against many un-islamic customs
  1. Preaching of Islam
  • Answers to the efforts of missionaries
  1. Training or scholars
  • Maulana Ashraf Ali, Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Mufti Mehmood
  1. Role In Khatm.E.Nabowat Movement
  2. Islamic Literature

Political Trends

  • Two groups
  • Ul.Ulmai- Aslam Pro Ml
  • Ul.Ilmia-hind Pro Congress


Comparison Of Deoband And Aligarh

  1. Religious Differences
  • Rigid and orthodox Islam
  • Not Ijtahad, more importance to Hadith
  • Aligarh believed in rationalism
  • Aligarh gave importance to reasoning
  1. Political Differences
  • Deoband _ Anti-British
  • Aligarh _ pro-British

More Differences….

“There was a common view that there were three tendencies among Muslims; the first one was Deoband pro-religious and anti-British, the second one was that of Aligarh, pro-British and anti-congress and the third one was that of Nadwa; pro- British, anti- Aligarh and anti-Deoband.”                                                                                                                                      (Prof. Dr. Shafique Ali)

“It’s neither a creed nor a sect; Deobandi is the name of every rationalist religious man”

(Allama Iqbal)

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