Deoband Movement Indo Pak History CSS Notes

Background-need For Deoband

  • Preaching of Christian missionaries after war of independence
  • Need for religious education
  • Islamic revival of the Muslims

Establishment Of Deoband

  • Idea floated by Maulana Muhammad Abid
  • Laid foundation in 1866 in the mosque of Deoband, UP
  • Maulana Abid as patron
  • Maulana Qasim compiled rules
  • Working committee

Religious Contributions

  1. Islamic Education
  • Upholding Quran and Sunnah
  1. Guidance To True Education
  • Preaching against many un-islamic customs
  1. Preaching of Islam
  • Answers to the efforts of missionaries
  1. Training or scholars
  • Maulana Ashraf Ali, Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Mufti Mehmood
  1. Role In Khatm.E.Nabowat Movement
  2. Islamic Literature

Political Trends

  • Two groups
  • Ul.Ulmai- Aslam Pro Ml
  • Ul.Ilmia-hind Pro Congress


Comparison Of Deoband And Aligarh

  1. Religious Differences
  • Rigid and orthodox Islam
  • Not Ijtahad, more importance to Hadith
  • Aligarh believed in rationalism
  • Aligarh gave importance to reasoning
  1. Political Differences
  • Deoband _ Anti-British
  • Aligarh _ pro-British

More Differences….

“There was a common view that there were three tendencies among Muslims; the first one was Deoband pro-religious and anti-British, the second one was that of Aligarh, pro-British and anti-congress and the third one was that of Nadwa; pro- British, anti- Aligarh and anti-Deoband.”                                                                                                                                      (Prof. Dr. Shafique Ali)

“It’s neither a creed nor a sect; Deobandi is the name of every rationalist religious man”

(Allama Iqbal)