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English Vocab with meaning in Urdu – Set 26 With PDF

English Vocabulary for Academic & Competitive Exams

The +5000 Core English words of this series along with Urdu meaning are the most useful words in both spoken and written English as well as all other academic and competitive exams.

Set-26  ↓

aroma مہودی
beverage مشروبات
cluster جھرمٹ
combine جمع
 condensed  سنبھالا
 contemporary  معاصر
 cultivate  پودے لگانا
 divine   الہی
humid مٹی
odor  گند
palate  دھندلا
paradise جنت
 plantation  پودے لگانا
 rapid  تیز رفتار
 rate   شرح

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