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English Vocab with meaning in Urdu – Set 29 With PDF

English Vocabulary for Academic & Competitive Exams

The +5000 Core English words of this series along with Urdu meaning are the most useful words in both spoken and written English as well as all other academic and competitive exams.

Set-29  ↓

conscious شعور
 disagree   متفق
echo  گونج
eventual واقعہ
 hint  اشارہ
idiot بیوقوف
 immense  بہت زیادہ
 indirect  غیر مستقیم
 option  اختیار
 pastime  ماضی
 perfect  کامل
 pinpoint  پوائنٹ
 switch   سوئچ
thorough  مکمل
torment عذاب

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