Everyday Science & GSA Important and Repeated Solved MCQs with Flashcards and PDF, Part 1

Everyday Science & GSA (General Science and ability) Most Important & Repeated Solved MCQs for the test preparation of CSS,  PMS, PPSC, FPSC, OTS, PTS, NtS and other competitive exams.

Everyday Science & GSA One Liner Solved MCQs with Flashcards and PDF, Part 1

  1. What part of the lungs are mainly affected by pneumonia? Alveoli
  2. The surface of which planet is obscured by an opaque layer of clouds made up of sulfuric acid? Venus
  3. What is Celluloses? Carbohydrates
  4. The pH of human blood is 7.4
  5. What is the pH of water? 7.0
  6. What is the smallest unit of life? Cell
  7. What the American physicist pioneered the theory of black holes in 1939? J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  8. What element was converted to plutonium in the first nuclear reactors? Uranium.
  9. What astronomical term gradually replaced the cumbersome gravitationally completely collapsed object? Black Hole.
  10. Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
  11. The only rock that floats in water is pumice.
  12. What ingredient in fresh milk is eventually devoured causing the sour taste? Lactose.
  13. The only rock that floats in water is pumice.
  14. What falling fruit supposedly inspired Isaac Newton to write the laws of gravity? An apple.
  15. Vitamin D is essential for calcium metabolism.
  16. Riches Source of Vitamin A is eggs.
  17. Deficiency of calcium leads to rickets.
  18. Which vitamin easily prepared in body by sun light? Vitamin D
  19. Which vitamin help to improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorous? Vitamin D
  20. Which vitamin helps to supply oxygen to blood? Vitamin E

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