Importance of Hajj | Aims – Objectives and Impacts of Hajj on Human Life

Importance – Aims – Objectives and Impacts of Hajj on Human Life


Hajj is the fifth last pillar of Islam: Hajj is the greatest of all acts of worship. It is in fact the culmination of worship. It is the greatest of all gatherings of the Muslims hailing from all parts of the globe clad only in two clothes. The gathering of millions of people at Makkah, Arafat etc, is really Faith-increasing, exhilarating, astonishing and the most wonderful display of unity, oneness, piety, submission and Islamic brotherhood. Besides worship it affords an opportunity to Muslims from various countries of the world to become acquainted with one-another and discuss common problems in the heavenly shadows of Kabah in order, to increase their strength, strategy, powers with best use of their resources for common cause and shared goals.

Meaning and concepts:

In Islamic jurisprudence, it means ―to set out for the Ka‘bah.‖ It also means ―Pilgrimage.‖
Hajj is performed once a year in the month of Zil-Hajj by the true believers in Allah to Ka‘bah, which is situated in the Masjid Al-Haram in the Holy City of Makkah. It is also called ―Baitullah (House of Allah) or the Sacred House.

Aims and Objectives of Hajj:

  • It teaches Complete Surrender to Allah
  • It Develops the Idea of Universal Brotherhood
  • It gives Opportunity for Mutual Help
  • It prepare the Ground for Divinity
  • It teaches to do Good Things

Impacts of Hajj on Human Life:

  • Spiritual Impacts
  • Hajj Inculcates spirit of Jiahad
  • Discipline:
  • Moral Impacts
  • Social impacts
  • Hajj—a collective Ibadat
  • Universal Assembly of Hajj: Animation in Muslim World
  • Growth of piety and virtuousness:
  • Season of Awakening of Islamic World
  • Inspiring Spectacle of unity of Millat
  • One Aim, Assemblage at One Centre
  • Greatest Movement for Establishment of Peac
  • Only peace-centre in the world

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