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Ideology Of Pakistan


  • Science of ideas, an idea or set of belief used to justify existing or desired social order

“An interrelation of the past, an explanation of the represent and a vision of the future.”

  • Grows among dissatisfied people

Basis Of Pakistan Ideology

1.Based On The Islamic System

2.Strategy To Save The Muslim Culture And Separate Identity

  • Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia, La Illaha illallah

3.Two Nation Concept

Aims And Objectives Of Establishment Of Pakistan

1.Enforcement Of Sovereignty Of God

2.Revival Of Muslim Image

  • Dominance of Hindus in United India
  1. Two Nation Theory
  2. Emancipation From Hindus And British
  3. Establishment Of Balanced Economic System
  4. Protection Of Muslim Culture And Civilization
  5. Separate Identity
  6. Economic Welfare

Allama Iqbal And Ideology Of Pakistan

“India is a continent of human beings belonging to different religions. To base a constitution on the basis of homogenous India demanded the formation of consolidate Muslim state in the best interests of the Muslim of India and Islam.”

“I have been a staunch advocate of putting an end to religions prejudices. But now I believe that the protection of separate national identity is in the best interests of both Hindus and Muslims.”


Quaid.e.Azam and Ideology Of Pakistan

“We are a nation with our distinct culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclature, sense of values and proportion , legal laws and moral codes, customs and calendars, history and tradition, in short we have our own distinct outlook on life and of life.”

“The Muslims are not a minority. The Muslims are a nation by every definition. By all cannons of international law, we are a nation.”


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