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Importance Of Deen In Human Life


Deen plays a vital role in human life and society. Its massage is real and practical for it comprehensive all human actions. It explains the Tawhid doctrine effectively. It tells us how to live a virtuous life, how to conduct ourselves in public or at home, how to treat parents, relations, friends, strangers, the poor and orphans; it instructs us about economic and about our social, educational and political ends. It deals with the internal and foreign affairs, in peacetime and during war. It provides advice in matters concerning marriage, divorce, birth and death, property, inheritance, buying and selling, trade and commerce, civil and criminal law and many other practical matters. In short, it is complete code of life, which provides guidance in all human situations. A divine religion such as Islam addresses all people, of all ages, irrespective of race and colour through Quran.
―We have explained in detail in this Quran for the benefit of mankind, every kind of similitude. But man is, in most things, contentious. And what is there to keep men back from believing, now that Guidance has come to them?‖ (18: 54-55)

Religion and divine Religion (Islam):

Religion deals man‘s relations with God whereas Deen deals both with man‘s relation with God and his fellow beings. Religion deals with private affairs of life whereas Deen covers all aspects of life, individuals as well as collective. In other words Deen is all embracing terms which includes religio-socio-politico-economic systems. It touches upon the material as well as spiritual dimensions of human existence and insists that all our thoughts and deeds should be performed with God consciousness. Islam is not only a religion but also a Deen, which means a complete code of life.

What is religion?

The word religion is commonly used in a narrow sense, its scope being limited to a set of dogmas, some rituals for worship, and a number of social customs to celebrate important life-events. Religion deals with individual life only.

i. According to Sir E.B Taylor:
―Religion means the belief in spiritual beings‖

ii. According to Mohammad Mazhar-uddin Siddiqui
―Religion affects every step of life. It has great impact on political life, economic domain, philosophy and other spheres of life. It glorifies the concept of Universe‖.

iii. Ibn-Khaldun (1332-1406)
―(Devine) Religions are introduced by Allah in order to leads mankind to eternal blessings. Their objective is to worship Allah as well as management of worldly affairs. Religion provides guidelines to establish a composite state and government on the fundamentals enjoined by Allah‖.

Necessity of Religion:

i. Man is naturally a religious being; he requires a metaphysical being to fall upon in his quest for unresolved mysteries of universe, life, death etc.

ii. Religion create mental satisfactions by giving meaning to life

iii. Religion also plays a very significant role in moral and ethical development of society.

iv. Religion teaches msn as to how to seek support of God and how to please him.

v. Religion teaches equality and dignity of mankind.

vi. Religion gives us the concept of brotherhood of mankind.

vii. Religion teaches such concept as tolerance, coexistence and mutual cooperation which are essentials for world peace.

viii. Religion leads to purification of soul.

ix. Research takes place in various branches of knowledge because of motivation provided by religion.

x. Religion teaches us to care for the needy, the crippled, the minorities, the women, the weak and all and sundry.

Concept of Deen:

Deen refers to a complete code of life. Religion deals man‘s relation with God whereas Deen deals both with man‘s relation with God and his fellow beings. Religion deals with private affairs of life whereas Deen covers all aspects of life, individual as well as collective. In other words Deen is all embracing term which includes religion-socio-politico-economic systems. It touches upon the material as well as spiritual dimensions of human existence. In this regard, Islam is not only a religion but also a Deen as it is a complete code of life.

According to Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim:

―Islam means peace as well as submission… The purpose of life is to live it well; in other words, well being. The purpose of life is life edified, harmonized, enriched, strengthened and elevated‖. He further went to say that;
―The carving for peace is inherent in human nature; hence being naturally carves for Islam or peace‖.

Importance of Deen in Human life:

1. Deen Provides Guidance to Mankind:

The primary function of Deen is to guide people towards the right path: ―And We have sent down to you the Book explaining all things as a guide, a Mercy and Glad tidings to Muslims‖. The Quran revelation which continuous the import of Deen of Islam is universal; but only the righteous ones will take heed of it; ―Surely, this Quran guides to that which is most right‖. (5:17) and the God-fearing ones: ―This is the Book; in it is Guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah‖.

2. Deen provides a clear path:

It is Divine Light of God which shows the clear path right from wrong, the true form the false; ―there has come to you from Allah a new light and a manifest Book. (5:17) and again in Surah Taghabun; ―Believe, therefore, in Allah and His Messenger; and in the Light which We have sent down.‖

3. Deen Leads Mankind from darkness to light

The Quran leads people out of the ignorance of darkness and evil into the light of goodness and piety; ―A Book which We have revealed unto you, in order that you might lead Mankind out of the depths of darkness into light by the leave of their Lord‖.This Divine Light offers a ray of hope to those who have lost their way in the wildness of darkness: ―He is the One Who sends to His servants Manifest signs, that he may leads you from the depths of darkness into light‖. (57:9)

4. Divine Religion is a source of Wisdom and knowledge:

The book of Deen contains unsurpassable knowledge and wisdom: ―Yasin‘ by the Quran, full of wisdom.‖ (4:113). Mohammad (PBUH) was taught the wisdom of the Quran so that he in turn could divulge it to the rest of mankind.

5. Deen sets the criterion for the Right and wrong:

The Quran provides guidance on judgment and the justice:
―Ramadan is the month in which was sent down the Quran, as a guide to mankind, also clear Signs for guidance and judgment between right and wrong‖. (2:185) It is undoubtedly a manifest criterion between truth and falsehood: ―It is He who sent down to you, in truth, the Book as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion of judgment between right and wrong‖. (3:3)

6. Deen Is spiritual Cure of Modern Man

God promises mercy to those who follow the guidance of the Quran: ―And this is a Book which we have revealed as a blessing; so follow it and be righteous, that you may receive mercy. (6:155). This is the only hope for the spiritual future of man, a cure for the lost and hurts souls, a guide for the evil and misled ones, and a joy for those who repent. ―We sent down the3 Quran that which is a healing and a Mercy to those who believe‖. (17:82)

7. Teachings of Deen are Guard against Evil

The Quran develops fear of the God, and reverence and love for Him: thus it guards those against those evils; ―It is a Quran in Arabic without crookedness therein, in order that they may guard against evil‖. (39:28) A true believer is shield by the powerful cover of the Quran against evil and wicked ways: Thus does Allah make His signs clear to men that they learn self-restraint (and guard themselves against evil)‖. (2:187)

8. Deen Provides a Clear Message to Mankind

Allah says: ―This is a Book with verses or fundamental (of established meaning), further explained in the details—from One is wise and well-acquainted with all things‖. (11:1) The details of life are covered precisely: ―And We have sent down to you the the Book explaining all things‖.(16:89) Problems of life are explained form all points of view and by different way, so as to elucidate its meaning to any layman: ―We have explained things in various ways in this Quran in order that they may receive admonition, but it only increases their fight form the Truth.‖ (17:41) Divine messages, no matter how simple, are always ignored and rejected by those who do not believe in God.

9. Deen Induces In Man Peity and Remembrance of God

Piety refers to the inner fear man must have for his Creator. This profound fear centralizes the concept of God and His remembrance in the mind of the believer: ―Thus We have sent the Quran in Arabic and explained therein detail some of the warnings, in oreder that they may fear Allah, or that it may cause their remembrance of Him.‖ (20:113) God has clarified His massage aptly in the Quran for man to attain Taqwa: ―Thus does God make clear His Message to men, that they may fear Him.‖ (187)

10. Deen Provides Principles for establishment of Justice

A vital function of the Deen is to guide in the establishment of balanced system of justice and equality: ―We have sent down to you the Book in truth that you might judge between men, as guided by Allah.‖ (4:105)
Attempt will be made to defeat the system of justice. The Quran therefore, warns the righteous to be on guard against such people and exhorts them always to seek the help of God for protection: ―it is God who has sent down the book which is truth, and the balance to Judge betweenright or wrong.‘ (42:17) Thus the Quran, Being the last of the revealed Books and Islam provide the most comprehensive Code of Justice.

Critical Assessment:

a. Professor H.A.R Gibb once said of Islam as a Deen
―Within the western world Islam still maintains the balance between exaggerated opposites. Opposed equally to the anarchy of European nationalism and the regimentation of Russian communism, it has not yet succumbed to that obsession with the economic side of life which is characteristic of present day Europe and present day Russia alike.‖

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