Important Idioms & Phrases

Important Idioms and Phrases, Set-11 | Most Repeated in CSS/PMS/FPSC/PPSC/BA Exams 

Important Idioms and Phrases are Most Repeated in CSS/PMS/FPSC/PPSC/BA Exams which will help you  for the preparation of all competitive, aptitude and ability tests such as CSS, PMS, FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, BPSC and other competitive jobs exams.

  1. The eternal triangle: (ایک مرد کی دو عورتوں کے ساتھ محبت)

Meaning: Two men’s love for one women.

Example: The theme of most of the Pakistani films is the eternal triangle.

  1. A dead letter: (ختم شدہ قانون)

Meaning: Someone no longer in force

Example: This law on divorce has already become a dead letter.

  1. A bird’s Eye view: (جسے اڑتا ہوا پرندہ کسی چیز کا جائزہ لیتا ہے)

Meaning: Is a view seen from above as by a bird flying.

Example: The headmaster took a bird’s Eye view of the class.

  1. A beast of burden: (بوجھ اٹھانے والا)

Meaning:  An animal used for carrying heavy loads.

Example: The donkey is a beast of burden.

  1. Red tape: (دفتری طوالت)

Meaning: Official day

Example: I could not get the new job because there is a too much Red tape involved in it.

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