Important Idioms & Phrases

Important Idioms and Phrases, Set-21 | Most Repeated in CSS/PMS/FPSC/PPSC/BA Exams 

Important Idioms and Phrases are Most Repeated in CSS/PMS/FPSC/PPSC/BA Exams which will help you  for the preparation of all competitive, aptitude and ability tests such as CSS, PMS, FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, BPSC and other competitive jobs exams.

  1. To burn ones fingers: (تکلیف محسوس کرنا)

Meaning: To get into trouble.

Example: You will burn your fingers if you try to help his rogue

  1. To turn a deaf ear to: (توجہ نہ دینا)

Meaning: To be inattentive.

Example: The boys turn a deaf ear to their teacher’s advice.

  1. To nip something in the bud: (کسی سکیم یہ شے کو پہننے بغیر کچل دینا)

Meaning: To destroy in the early stages of growth.

Example: You should try to nip the evil in the bud.

  1. Hold Water: (موثر بنانا)

Meaning: To be Effective.

Example: Your arguments do not hold water here.

  1. To keep an arm’s length: (پرے رکھنا)

Meaning: To avoid.

Example: You should try to keep this swindler at an arm’s length.

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