Important Topics for Current Affairs CSS 2019

Here is a list of most important Current Affairs topics for CSS 2019

1. Future of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC and Role of Saudi Arabia
2. Pakistan Saudi Arabia Relations in tenure of Newly Established Government
3. Construction of New Dams is the need of Time ( Diamer Bhasha Dam, Our Responsibility, Water Crisis in Pakistan, Conflicts)
4. BRIC: Its Regional and Global Dimensions
5. General Election 2018 and time to shift to Biometric Technology to get rid of rigging allegations
6. FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and Pakistan
7. Pak-USA relations after the establishment of New Government in Pakistan
8. Financial Federalism in Pakistan and Implications on Provinces
9. India’s Nuclear Doctrine
10. Good Governance in Pakistan after the establishment of the New Government
11. China’s the Middle East Policy
12. Turkey-Saudi Arabia Relations after the death of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
13. State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) in Pakistan
14. Pakistan-China Strategic Interdependence
15. Cyber-Threats to Pakistan’s Security especially Financial Organizations
16. Indo-US Nexus and its impact on Pakistan
17. Pakistan India Relations (Kashmir, Trade and Line of Control)
18 Pakistan’s Growing Relations with Russia
19. Importance of Indus Water Treaty for Pakistan
20. NSG membership India, Pakistan
21. Syria Crisis: A ‘Theatre’ of War
22. Deterrence Stability in South Asia
23. Brexit

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