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The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was extremely simple in his habits. His mode of life, his dress and his belonging, retained to the very last a character of patriarchal simplicity. Many a time, Abu Hurairah reports, had the Prophet (PBUH) to go without a meal. Dates and water frequently formed his only nourishment. Often, for months together, no fire could be lighted in his house from scantiness of means. God, say The Muslim historian, had indeed put before him the key to the treasures of this world, but he refused it!

The mind of this remarkable Teacher was, in its intellectualism and progressive ideals essentially modem. Eternal ―striving‖ was in his teachings necessity of human existence. ―Man cannot exist without constant effort‖, ―The effort is form me, and its fulfillment comes from God.‖ The world, he taught, was a well ordered Creation, regulated and guided by a Supreme Intelligence overshadowing the Universe—―Everything is pledged to its own time,‖ he declared. And yet Human will was free to work for its own salvation. His sympathy was universal; It was he who invoked the mercy of the Creator on all living beings. It was he who pronounced the saving of one human life as tantamount to the saving of humanity.

His Noble Character and Features:

Love of God:

Indifference to the World:

Natural Disposition:

Moderation and Seemliness:

Mildness, Courtesy and Forbearance:

Courage and Shyness:

Mercy and Compassion:


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