National integration in Pakistan | Causes Of Disintegration and Steps for The Promotion

In this article, I will give you brief outlines of the topic of National integration in Pakistan along with Causes of Disintegration and Steps for The Promotion. This is very important topic which can you help form it such as essay writing as well Pakistan affairs. So here are the outlines for the topic National integration in Pakistan as under

National Integration Features
  • Debacle if east Pakistan
  • Social, political, economic and religious causes
  • An ideological state
  • Disruptive forces at work from very beginning
  • Unique geographical location
Causes Of Disintegration
  • Constitution Dilemma
  • Provincial Autonomy
  • Economic Neglect
  • Right Over Resources
  • Political Instability
  • Crisis Of National Identity
  • Provincial Dilemma Demand of provinces for more rights
  • Award
  • Grievances against Punjab More population, more developed
  • Demand For More Jobs
  • Religious Sectarianism
  • Political Culture
  • Issue Of Kalabagh Dam
  • Ethno – Nationalism
  • Failure Of Democracy
Steps for the Promotion
Ideological integration

  • Islam
  • Education
  • Pakistan
Political Integration

  • Democracy
  • Good governance
  • Devolution of power
  • Federalism
  • Electoral reforms
Social Integration

  • Cultural coexistence
  • Role of media
  • Contacts b/w people
  • Lingual harmony
Economic Integration

  • Distribution of Resources
  • Involvement in decisions making
  • NFC Award
  • Development Projects
  • Quota of jobs