Problems of Education in Pakistan | Pakistan Affairs, CSS/PMS Notes

• Education is the corner stone of development of any country. It has been proved that education make a significant and positive impact on the employment, earning, health productivity and control over population growth. Any country with serious intentions of making socio economic progress has to lay emphasis on human resources development which is directly related to education.
Educational Problems
• Our country is much behind in the sector
• One of the lowest literacy
• Rates in the world
1. Low Enrollment Rate
2. High Drop Out Rate
3. Lack Of Quality Education
4. Unskilled Teachers
5. Student Teacher Ratio
6. Ghost Schools
7. Different Medium
8. Inadequate Facilities
9. Lack Of Technical Education
10. Lack Of Diversification In Secondary Education
11. Politics In Institutions
12. Out Dated Curriculum
13. Lack Of Research Facilities
14. Out Dated Exam System
Note: (Discus all these problems and find solutions)
• Focus of quality education
• Increase in budget allocation
• Provision of facilities

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