Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi

“Shaikh Ahmed the most perfect and original thinker produced by the Muslims of India before the days of Iqbal and Shah Walliullah , occupies a high place, not only among the important religious personalities of the subcontinent but of the entire Muslim world.”

  • Mujaddad Alaf Sani; sent by God with a mission
  • Swing from Akbar to Aurangzeb in religious policies was due to him

Birth And Early Education

  • Born in 1564 at Sirhind
  • Early education at Sirhind and Sialkot
  • Travel to Delhi and discipleship of Khowaja Baqi Billah
  • Return to Sirhind after 6 weeks with a mission.

Shaikh Ahmed is an individual from Sirhind , rich in knowledge and vigorous in action. I associated with him for few days and noticed truly marvelous things. He will turn into a light which will illuminate the world.”

Conditions Of India During His Time

  • Religious Conditions
  • Social Conditions
  • Political Conditions

1.Religious Conditions

  • Deen-i-Ilahi changed the nature and spirit of Islam
  • Ulema ceases to refer to Quran and Hadith and stressed only on jurisprudence.

2.Social Conditions

  • Adulteration of Islam with Hindu practice

3.Political Conditions     

  • The concept of Zill-i-Ilahi vs. Sovereignty of God

Shaikh’s Revival Efforts

1.Preaching Through Disciples

  • Preached and sent his disciples to al over India and other countries
  • Advise them to focus on Quran and Sunnah

2.Letters To Scholars

  • Letters to contemporaries as “Maktoobat”
  • Letters to courtiers of Akbar and Jahangir
  • Based on teaching of Quran and Sunnah


  • Strictly against atheism


4.Criticism Against Wahdat-ul-Wajood

  • No difference between lord and creatures

5.Preaching Of Wahdat-ul-Shahood

  • Difference between Lord and creatures
  1. Jehad Against Deen-i-Ilahi
  • Greatest service was to denounce it

7.Rectification Of Scholars And Mystics

  • Clash between two

8.Jehad Against Bhagti Movement

  • An attempted by Bhagt Kabir to adulterate Islam
  • All religions are good and they lead to God

10.Rectification Of Jehangir

  1. Rectification of Muslim society

12.Two Nation Theory

  • Two distinct nations
  • Imposition of Jizya

  1. The Influence On The History Of SC
  • Renaissance
  • Set course for others


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