9 Supreme Court guidelines should be followed by Trial Courts in the conduct of a Criminal Trial

The following practice guidelines should be followed by trial courts in the conduct of a criminal trial, as far as possible:

  1. A detailed case calendar must be prepared at the commencement of the trial after framing of charges.
  2. The case calendar must specify the dates on which the examination ­in ­chief and cross examination (if required) of witnesses is to be conducted.
  3. The case calendar must keep in view the proposed order of production of witnesses by parties.
  4. Testimony of witnesses deposing on the same subject matter must be approximately scheduled.
  5. The request for deferral under Section 231(2) of the Cr.P.C. must be preferably made before the preparation of the case calendar.
  6. The grant for request of deferral must be premised on sufficient reasons justifying the deferral of cross examination of each witness, or set of witnesses.
  7. While granting a request for deferral of cross examination of any witness, the trial courts must specify a proximate date for the cross ­examination of that witness, after the examination ­in ­chief of such witness(es) as has been prayed for.
  8. The case calendar, prepared in accordance with the above guidelines, must be followed strictly, unless departure from the same becomes absolutely necessary.
  9. In cases where trial courts have granted a request for deferral, necessary steps must be taken to safeguard witnesses from being subjected to undue influence, harassment or intimidation.

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