5 Best Online Universities in Pakistan

After Covid-19, the trend of distance learning has increased worldwide. Now people prefer to do online courses or degrees while doing their jobs at their pace. Learning some courses and subjects is very beneficial, but it’s not useful for the subjects which involve maximum practical work, so if you have a degree that involves little practical work, you can choose an online university that offers your degree.

What are the benefits of virtual degrees or universities?

  • It saves time.
  • Students can work and study at the same time.
  • Most lectures are available online, and you can hear them multiple times, unlike physical classes.
  • It promotes education in distance areas.

Disadvantages of virtual degree in Pakistan

  • The internet connection in Pakistan is mostly unstable, so students can not take their classes attentively.
  • It isn’t easy to maintain a classroom environment in online learning.
  • The student needs help to do practicals that can be easily done only in physical classes.
  • If not properly managed, there are more chances of cheating in the online exam system than in physical exams.

Best online universities in Pakistan

Here is a list of the five best distance-learning universities in Pakistan. Most people prefer Allama Iqbal University and virtual university, but I’ll not suggest these two universities. You can choose any university from the list below.

1-Bahudinn Zikria University

Bahaudinn Zikria university offers distance learning courses or diplomas. These diplomas and courses are based on the semester system. Students attend five days of classes online and two days of on-campus classes. So, it seems like a semi-online system. It offers computer science and programming diplomas, health and physical education, clinical psychology, and hospital management online. Instead, you can also prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, and many other English courses online.

2-University of Central Punjab

UCP is one of the best private universities in Pakistan. This university has decided to enroll students in distance learning after covid-19. Only graduate and undergraduate students can get an online degree from UCP.

3-University of Engineering and technology

UET is a well-known university among students. Now students can get an online degree like M.Sc. Applied Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. It has also developed a DDL(directorate of distance learning) committee, which helps students to get quality education and training. UET has enrolled 100 off-campus students for each program in 2022-2023.

4-COMSATS university

This university is one of the best universities in Pakistan, both physically and online. It started distance education through its virtual campus to minimize the distance barrier in learning. The minimum requirement to get enrolled in an online program is mentioned on its website, and the student must have a good laptop and a stable internet connection. You can get affordable and quality education within flexible time ranges through this university.

You can access the HEC digital library, free software and tools, student handbooks, and other required documents online.

5-Agha Khan University

Agha Khan university is the first private university in Pakistan and is not affiliated with Government. This university is also expanded in other countries like Afghanistan and United Kingdom. It offers neurology, gastrointestinal disorder certificate, internal medicine, and flood disaster treatment certificate online. It provides a variety of other professional credit and online certificates.


If you are a science student, you should never prefer to choose an online university degree. Still, if you are a computer science student, you can study more productively through online classes than in physical courses. So, it depends on the type and nature of the subject you are pursuing and whether you should choose physical or on-campus degree classes. Some subjects, like many arts subjects, are very easy, and the students of those subjects waste a lot of their time waiting for the next lectures; an online degree is a better option for such students.

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