Top 5 Biggest Cities of Pakistan by Population

These are the five cities of Pakistan that are ranked top in population.

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore –
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Rawalpindi
  5. Gujranwala

1. Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the 12th largest city worldwide. The capital city of Sindh province and the Financial and industrial hub of Pakistan. As per population, Karachi is more significant than many countries. Population-wise, Karachi is ranked in 3rd position with Approximately 16.84 million people.

At the time of Pakistan’s independence, Karachi was the host of 455000 people, but now it comprises around 16.84 million people, which is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy.

Islam is the homogenous religion in the Area, and details population-wise are following.

Muslim                 96.5%

Christianity          2.5%

Hindus                  0.86%

Others                  0.4%


2. Lahore

Lahore is 2nd largest and the world’s 26th largest city as per population. Lahore’s population speaks multiple languages and adheres to different religions.

The most spoken language is Punjabi, and Other languages are Urdu, Pashtu, Saraiki, and some other minor languages. Islam is the most adhered to and followed religion but a small group of Christianity, while Hindus, Paris, Sikhs, and Baha are in the minority.


3. Faisalabad

Pakistan’s 3rd biggest city, with approx Three million population, is Faisalabad. Faisalabad is known for its textile industry and Joke-making habits in the world. The Faisalabad population speaks most of the Punjabi language. Religion-wise, Faisalabad is also a city of Muslims with approximately 97% ratio, so social activities mirror Islam.

The old name of Faisalabad is Lyallpur. Historical attractions are The Clock Tower and Lyallpur Museum. The population of Faisalabad is very jolly, and they are known for making jokes all over the community. Ghulam Muhammad Abad is the biggest colony of Faisalabad as per population and Area.


4. Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is Known as a Twin city with the Capital city Islamabad. The population consists of 2.3 million people approx. Rawalpindi is a city that consists majority of Muslims. Most Hindus and Sikhs migrated in 1947, but their religious remains are intact and supervised by the government.

Rawalpindi is known for the Army Headquarters and also served as the Capital city of Pakistan while the Current Capital was under construction.

Punjabi is the most spoken language in Rawalpindi with different dialects like, Pothohari, Pahari, Majhi, Chhachi, Ghebi, Dhani , Shapuri

Other languages like Urdu and English are also spoken or understandable by the population.


5. Gujranwala


Gujranwala is 5th biggest in Pakistan as per population and hosts 2 million people. Gujranwala is famous for sports and Food. The most played sport is Wrestling. It is also known as the City of Wrestlers (Pehalwano ka Shehar). The population of Gujranwala is very fond of Food, and many delicacies made of meat are available in the Food.

The old name of Gujranwala is Khanpur Shansi. Gujranwala is also known for its Grain, Melons, and Sugarcane production. “Basmati Rice” A supreme quality rice, is produced in Gujranwala.

Most spoken language is Punjabi, but Urdu and English are also understandable in all areas. Approx 94% population follows Islam, while in the minority Christianity, Hindus, and other religions are also present here.

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