7 Best Novels in Urdu of All Times

Novels tell us stories related to real life; although many stories are not based on true stories still, these are related to many incidents happening around us. Instead of killing time, it’s a good source of finding a solution to a different problem and preparing yourself to cope with other people and situations without actually facing them.

But all novels are not good; a good novel can make or destroy your life. So, choosing a novel that builds your character is always important.



This story revolves around two main characters, Salaar Sikandar and Imama Hashmi. She belongs to a family that does not believe the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last Prophet. She is searching for Islam and wants to choose Islam as her religion. She meets Salar, a brilliant boy whose IQ level is 150 but who can’t understand most daily life issues easily. So, they both search for the true meaning of life and guidance.


2-Jannat K paty

This story is about two main characters, Haya and Jahan Sikandar. Haya Belonged to a very rich family and was a very modern girl. But she started to understand Islam and turned into a Hijabi girl. She began to find peace in her hijab and remained steadfast despite his family criticism. If you are a modern girl and want to turn to Islam, you must read this novel to build courage and learn how to face the society. Similarly, males should read this novel to understand how much it’s important to support girls who wear hijab.



Nimra Ahmed writes this novel, and it’s a story that leads readers to the right path. The story is based on an orphan girl whose life is full of difficulties. Her family mistreats her, and one day, a girl offers her a book, “HOLY QURAN,” and this book solves all her problems. It was like a friend to her; whenever she was in difficulty or wanted to know the answer to any question, she just started reading Quran. And surprisingly enough, the answer to every question was in Quran, which strengthened her Emaan on Allah.



Hashim Nadeem writes this novel. Abdullah’s novel is based on Ishq-e-Haqiqi, self-recognition. This novel starts from the typical love story but leads to the love with the lord as the novel moves on. It’s based on questions related to Sufism, science, and Islam. It urges the readers to think in a new direction. It describes pure love and how it can turn someone’s life upside down. It’s a good fit for those who want to know how science and religion are related.



This novel is worth reading. Although it might seem awkward to some people to read this novel, it tells women the reality and the concept of a real home girl. This novel is mainly based on cleanliness, and it explains everything with real-life examples but in a critical way. The writer’s tone may sound very harsh sometimes to the female, but the writer is only trying to explain the reality.


This novel, written by Khadija mastoor, explains the pre-independence history and Pakistan movement. It describes how independence and partition mentally affected the local people and the subcontinent’s political situation. So, if you are a history lover, this novel is a must-read. Instead, this novel also explains how women can play a role in making and breaking her house.



This novel explains the concept of ahd-e-Alast(the promise that a human’s soul made with Allah) and how much we are fulfilling that promise. This novel and-e-alast teaches us love for Allah and the concept of the oneness of Allah. It tells us that Allah creates love between two souls, and the people who are kind spread love and kindness, while the wrong people spread evil.


Many people love the novels mentioned above, and these novels are not based on filthy stories, but still, the content is charming enough to engage the readers. If you are a novel lover, you must read these novels, but if you are not a novel reader, I think you should avoid reading novels.



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