Agriculture, Industry and Manpower CSS, PMS Notes

Agriculture, Industry and Manpower


For a sustained growth of any country, its economy must be based on strong footings. The pillars of economy i.e. agriculture, industry, manpower and import export must be developed equally to make a country rich. A holistic approach and comprehensive planning and management are essential for coherent and integrated development.

Natural resources, agriculture, industry, manpower and import export are the basic determinants of growth following measures can be adopted for the development of these sources.


  1. Control over water logging and salinity
  2. Flood control
  3. Effective irrigation system
  4. Training of farmers
  5. Lenient policy of credits
  6. Abolishment of feudal system
  7. Availability of seeds and fertilizer
  8. Farm mechanization
  9. Development of infrastructure
  10. Agricultural research

Natural Resources

  1. Research and planning
  2. Statistical data
  3. Development of industries
  4. Development of infrastructure
  5. Facilitation for foreign companies


  1. Sound law and order situation
  2. Encouragement for private sector
  3. Infra structure facilities
  4. Agricultural development
  5. Incentives for small scale
  6. Lenient policy of credits
  7. Scientific research
  8. Est. of industrial zones
  9. Development of power resources
  10. Law duty on import of heavy machinery
  11. Facilitation for foreign investor

Import And Export

  1. Maintenance of balance
  2. Encouragement of export trends
  3. Reduction of fiscal deficit
  4. Expo exhibitions


  1. Education
  2. Technical training
  3. Development of industry
  4. micro enterprise development
  5. Micro finance
  6. Search for new markets
  7. Stability of rupee value
  8. Development of industry
  9. Cost and quantity management
  10. Specialized training for exporters

Note:    It is a multidimensional topic. The above points and headings can be used and adjusted in so many other topics and essays.

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