Aligarh Movement Indo Pak History CSS Note

The Condition Of Muslims After The War Of Independence

  • The British wrath upon them.
  • Check on progress in all spheres.
  • Inimical attitude towards modern knowledge.

“Though both Muslims and Hindus fought for their liberation, the heavy hands of Britishers fell on Muslims.” (Nehru)

The Position Of Hindus

  • Merely a change of rulers for them.
  • Progress under British auspices.

Aligarh  Movement-different Aspects

  • A multidimensional movement.
  • Renaissance of Muslims.
  1. Political Services

“Galvanized a mass of frustrated Muslims into a nation and ultimately guided them towards their destination.”

  1. Steps for understanding b/w Muslims and Britishers .
  • The pamphlet for the cause of revolt.
  • Loyal Muhammadans of India.
  • Tabayan.ul.quran
  • Efforts In Urdu Hindi Controversy
  • Seperate Electorate
  • Basis Of Two Nation Theory

“Muslims and hinds can’t get united in   anything whole heartedly.”

  • Educational Services

“The only knowledge which can equip Muslims for the struggle of life is the knowledge of European literature and sciences.”

  • Aligarh College.

MAO school (1874), college (1877), university, (1920).

Eastern and modern education.

  • Muhammadan Educational Conference

Public meetings to discuss modern techniques of education.

  •  Scientific Society.


    4.English Medium Of

  • At Ghazi Purr for the purpose of translation (1860).                                           `
  •   Services For Urdu.

 . Aligarh institute which worked a lot for the progress of Urdu.

  • Social And Religious Services
  • Tehzib-ul-ikhlaq
  • Rectification Of Muslims
  • Religious Writings

Impacts Of Aligarh Movement

  • Education for Muslims
  • Unity among Muslims
  • Protection of Muslim rights
  • Culmination of social evils
  • Political awareness for Muslims
  • Better understanding with Britishers
  • Economic welfare of Muslims
  • Projection of two nation theory

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