Failure of Democracy in Pakistan: Causes and Solution

Pakistan still seek to develop the institution of politics in its society. The founding father of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah, attain this Muslim majority country named Pakistan democratically and constitutionally. Following are the Factors of Failure of Democratic Process and recommend Steps for Improvement.

List of Factors of Failure of Democratic Process as under:-

1. Decline Of ML
2. Lack of High Quality Leadership
3. Multi-Party System
4. 4. Weak and Divided Parties Coalition Governments
5. Party Defection by Members
6. Personality Based Politics
7. Undemocratic Political Party System Power Politics
8. Corruption
9. Role of Army
10. Scarcity of Political Training

Here are the Steps for Improvement as follow:-

1. Education

2. Strong Political Parties

3. Reformation of Judiciary

4. Internal Party Election

5. Independent Election Commission

6. Political Education

7. Free Press

8. Law against horse trading

9. Electoral Reforms

10. Devolution of Power

11. Good Governance

12. Accountability

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