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DAWN news Vocabulary | 1000 Advanced Words

Dawn news vocabulary for Advanced english learners for CSS, PMS, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, UPSC, PPSC and other exams of advanced level.

1000 High frequency words extracted from DAWN newspaper for advanced English language learners, highly recommended for competitive exams aspirants.

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  1. Aberration: deviation; abnormality
  2. Abstruse: Difficult to comprehend
  3. Acumen: sharpness of mind
  4. Adroit: skill-ful (Maladroit = clumsy)
  5. Adulation: worship; great praise
  6. Advocate: support
  7. Affability: friendliness; cordiality
  8. Affinity: kinship
  9. Affluence: wealth; Opulence
  10. Agnostic: unsure of the existence of god
  11. Alacrity: speed & eagerness; promptness
  12. Alleviate: make less serve; reduce
  13. Altruism: self-sacrifice
  14. Amalgam: mixture
  15. Amassed: accumulated
  16. Ambiguous: vague; doubtful; equivocal
  17. Ameliorate: make better; improve
  18. Amiable: friendly; lovable
  19. Anachronistic: out of normal time range
  20. Animosity: hostility; hatred; ill-will
  21. Apathetic: lacking energy or interest; indifference
  22. Arable: can be cultivated; fit for pillowing (example: arable land)
  23. Arbitration: mediating between disputing sides
  24. Arboreal: living in trees (Root — Arbor always relates to trees)
  25. Arcane: esoteric; obscure; known only to few people
  26. Archaic: old-fashioned
  27. Articulation: joining; speaking clearly; distinct
  28. Ascertain: find out; make sure
  29. Astute: wise; mentally sharp
  30. Augment: increase in size or number
  31. Aural: through the sense of hearing
  32. Autocrat: absolute ruler;
  33. Barrage: bombardment; stream (of abuse etc.); continuous attack
  34. Belabor: over-emphasizing
  35. Belied: contradicted
  36. Belittlers: People who criticize/disparage
  37. Benevolent: kindly; charitable
  38. Boorishness: rudeness; ill-mannered behavior
  39. Bountiful: generous
  40. Brevity: briefness
  41. Bypass: avoid; find a way around
  42. Byzantine: excessive; decadent
  43. Cacophony: noise; din
  44. Callous: cruel & unfeeling
  45. Candid: truthful; straight forward; free from prejudice
  46. Capricious: whimsical; changeable
  47. Censure: criticize; blame
  48. Cerebral: concerned with thinking
  49. Circumstantial: accidental; indirect
  50. Insightful: perceptive; can be understood
  51. Insipid: flavorless; bland
  52. Insolence: lack of respect; rudeness; impudence
  53. Insolvent: bankrupt
  54. Insufferable: can not be tolerated
  55. Insular: narrow-minded
  56. Insurrectionist: rebel; combative
  57. Integrity: honor; honesty
  58. Intemperate: not moderate; excessive
  59. Intermittent: on & off; not continuous;
  60. spasmodic Intonation: tone of voice
  61. intrigued: interested and curious
  62. Intuition: sixth sense; gut feeling
  63. Invocation: prayer
  64. Irony: something unexpected; words to convey opposite meaning
  65. Irreproachable: can not be criticized; blameless (Reproach = critize)
  66. Irresolute: lacking firmness of purpose; hesitant
  67. Irreverence: lack of respect
  68. Jaded: tired; bored
  69. Jeopardize: put at risk; endanger
  70. Judicious: fair; wise
  71. Juxtaposition: placing two things next to each other
  72. Knack: trick; skill
  73. Lackadaisical: lazy; careless; lax
  74. Lamentable: regrettable
  75. Languid: Lacking energy; weak
  76. Lavish: to spend freely(v); costing alot; opulent(adj)
  77. Legitimate: to make legal; give approval to
  78. Libelous: open to prosecution for libel (libel = written slander)
  79. Lithe: flexible; supple
  80. Litigious: seeking legal remedies
  81. Lobby: to try to persuade; entrance hall
  82. Lucid: clear; explained
  83. Magnanimous: generous minded; big-hearted
  84. Mandate: permission
  85. Mandatory: compulsory
  86. Manifesto: statement of values
  87. Manipulative: deceptive; skill-ful at handling people
  88. Marred: spoiled; ruined
  89. Meager: small; scanty; unimportant
  90. Mercenary: seeking money above all else; interested in money and gain
  91. Meticulous: thorough; taking care of details
  92. Miffed: annoyed; vex
  93. Mitigate: moderate; reduce intensity
  94. Modicum: tiny amount
  95. Momentous: of great importance
  96. Monotonous: dull; repetitive
  97. Morbidity: concern with death and disease
  98. Motley: varied; miscellaneous
  • Circumvent: avoid; outwit; baffle
  • Coalition: a union of two parts
  • Coerce: compel; force
  • Cognitions: mental knowledge
  • Compendious: containing a lot in a small space/few words
  • Conciliatory: bringing together; ending a dispute; soothing
  • Concord: agreement
  • Condone: tolerate
  • Conflagration: great fire
  • Congenial: friendly; sociable; suitable
  • Connoisseur: expert with good taste/ judgement
  1. Consecrate: dedicate; make holy
  2. Consummate: supremely good
  3. Contagious: passed on through touch; infectious
  4. Convergence: coming together
  5. Convivial: sociable
  6. Copious: in large amount
  7. Corollary: consequence; inference
  8. Corpulence: very fat-ness
  9. Corroborated: supported; given
  10. Credulity: belief on slight evidence
  11. Cumulative: building up
  12. Cursory: superficial
  13. Curtail: cut short
  14. Dalliance: non-serious involvement; toying or playing
  15. Dearth: shortage; lacking
  16. Debacle: disaster
  17. Debilitate: weaken
  18. Debunk: throw out old indeas
  19. Deferment: putting off
  20. Deleterious: harmful
  21. Deliberation: careful thought
  22. Delineate: outline
  23. Demagogue: mob leader; agitator
  24. Demonstrative: expressing emotions freely
  25. Denuded: stripped
  26. Depreciatory: devaluing; criticizing
  27. Derelict: rundown; abandoned
  28. Derided: mocked
  29. Despoiled: plunder; rob; deprive
  30. Devious: cunning
  31. Didactic: intending to preach or teach; an act of teaching
  32. Dilatory: slow; sluggish
  33. Disarming: charming; unthreatening
  34. Discernment: judgement
  35. Discrepancy: inconsistency
  36. Disillusioned: freed from wrong ideas
  37. Disingenuous: crafy; double dealing
  38. Disparaging: critical
  39. Distension: swelling; distend; expand
  40. Multifarious: having many aspects
  41. Myopic: short-sighted (literal or metaphoric)
  42. Naivete: innocence; lack of wordliness
  43. Nefarious: infamous; very wicked
  44. Negate: wipe out; nullify
  45. Nemesis: fate; doom
  46. Nihilism: belief in nothing; anarchy
  47. Nondescript: having no special qualities; ordinary
  48. Notoriety: infamy
  49. Obsequious: slavish; fawning
  50. Occlusion: shutting out
  51. Officious: interfering
  52. Onerous: burdensome
  53. Opacity: lack of transparency; being opaque
  54. Opportunism: grabbing opportunities
  55. Opting: choosing
  56. Opulence: lavish display of wealth
  57. Ornate: extremely decorated
  58. Overhaul: renovate; examine
  59. Palliative: sth that makes better but doesn’t cure; easy pain
  60. Pathos:sadness; stirring the emotions; gloomy
  61. Paucity: scarcity; shortage
  62. Peer: An equal; to look closely at
  63. Peevishness: childish sullenness; irritability
  64. Penchant: tendency; leaning toward; liking
  65. Penurious: miserly
  66. Perquisites: perks; sth you recieve for your job
  67. Petulant: touchy; sulky; peevish
  68. Phlegmatic: calm; imperturbable
  69. Phobic: fearful (Root phobia always implies fear)
  70. Pilfer: steal; filch; rustle
  71. Placid: peaceful; calm; serene
  72. Plaudits: praise
  73. Pliant: flexible
  74. Polarized: divided into two extremes
  75. Pragmatism: practicality
  76. Preclude: prevent; make impossible
  77. Precursor: forerunner; sth comes before
  78. Predilection: liking for; penchant
  79. Presumption: assuming too much
  80. Profundity: depth (of ideas/thoughts)


  1. Propensity: tendency; leaning predilection
  2. Proponent: supporter
  3. Prosaic: ordinary; dull
  4. Prospectus: brochure
  5. Prudent: wise; cautious
  6. Punctilious: meticulous
  7. Purportedly: apparently claiming
  8. Quell: suppress; to stop sth such as protests
  9. Quixotic: idealistic; impractical
  10. Radical: revolutionary
  11. Docile: obedient; subservient
  12. Dubious: doubtful
  13. Eclectic: taking things from different sources; selective
  14. Effacement: wiping out; rub out; (self-effacement = excessive modesty)
  15. Egotistical: selfish
  16. Elitist: favoring top group; snob
  17. Elusive: difficult to pin down
  18. Emancipators: those who set others free
  19. Embellished: adorned; decorated
  20. Embittered: full of bitter feelings
  21. Embodiment: living example of
  22. Empathetic: exhibiting deep emotional understanding
  23. Empiric: found by experiment/practice
  24. Encompassed: included; surrounded
  25. Encroach: trespass; violate
  26. Endorsed: supported
  27. Entourage: group of followers; retinue; cortege
  28. Envisioning: imagining; predicting
  29. Epitome: essence; typical example or symbol of
  30. Equanimity: peace of mind; balance; calm
  31. Equitable: fair and equal
  32. Eradicate: wipe out; remove
  33. Erudition: learning; scholarly knowledge
  34. Esoteric: obscure; arcane; known to few
  35. Estrangement: separation
  36. Eulogy: praise
  37. Exacerbate: make worse
  38. Exasperation: frustration and annoyance
  39. Excise: cut out
  40. Exemplar: excellent example of
  41. Exonerated: proved not guilty; acquit
  42. Exorbitant: excessive


  1. Exotic: strange; foreign
  2. Expeditious: speedy; hasten
  3. Extant: still in existence; opposite of extinct
  4. Extirpation: destruction
  5. Extol: praise; glorify
  6. Extrapolate: predict on the basis of existing data; extended
  7. Facile: over simplified
  8. Faction: section; group with common interests
  9. Fastidious: very fussy; excessively concerned (esp. about cleanliness)
  10. Fawning: groveling; slavish; obsequious
  11. Fidelity: faithfulness; loyalty
  12. Finagle: wheedle; wangle; trick
  13. Finesse: skill
  14. Fitful: intermittent; on and off; not continous
  15. Flabbergast: shock; make speechless
  16. Flag: to lose energy; to signal
  17. Rambunctious: boisterous;
  18. Rancor: bitterness and bad feeling
  19. Ratify: give approval to (official)
  20. Raze: known down, destroy
  21. Reclusive: Avoid other people; solitary
  22. Recrimination: blame
  23. Rectitude: uprightness
  24. Redolent: smelling of (literal or metaphoric)
  25. Regressive: moving backwards (literal or metaphoric)
  26. Rehash: revamp hurriedly/carelessly;
  27. Remiss: neglectful
  28. Repertoire: range; set of skills
  29. Reprehensible: very bad; culpable; blame worthy
  30. Reprieve: let off (atleast temporarily); delay; cancel
  31. Reprimanded: scolded
  32. Resilience: strength; ability to withstand
  33. Resolute: firm of purpose
  34. Retraction: removal; taking back
  35. Rhetoric: persuasive language
  36. Robust: strong and sturdy
  37. Rousing: stirring; full of enthusiasm
  38. Rudimentary: elementary; basic;
  39. Salvageable: can be saved
  40. Sanctity: holiness
  41. Sarcasm: sneering; bitter remarks; ironic or taunting
  42. Scouring: cleaning thoroughly; thorough searching; comb
  43. Scrutinize: examine carefully
  44. Scuttled: sunk; foil
  45. Secluded: lonely; isolated
  46. Sedate: calm; placid
  47. Seditious: causing division or rebellion
  48. Sedulous: thorough; eager
  49. Serene: peaceful
  50. Sermonize: give moral lecture
  51. Shroud: a cover for dead body; to cover
  52. Slipshod: careless; untidy
  53. Solace: comfort
  54. Solicitous: expressing care and concern
  55. Somber: gloomy
  56. Sophistry: devious logic
  57. Soporific: sleep inducing; sleep producer
  58. Sporadic: intermittent; not continous; short stayed
  59. Spurned: shunned; rejected
  60. Squander: waste
  61. Squelch: suppress; crush
  62. Steadfastness: loyalty; firmness of purpose
  63. Stifling: suppressing
  64. Stipulated: insisted
  65. Substantiate: give supporting evidence
  66. Floridity: floweriness in language;
  67. Foil: frustrate; battle; defeat
  68. Formidable: inspiring awe; impressive and powerful difficulty
  69. Foster: support; encourage
  70. Foundered: sank; failed; stumbled
  71. Fraudulent: crooked; intending to cheat
  72. Frugal: economical; parsimony
  73. Furtive: secretive
  74. Futile: useless; waste of time and effort
  75. Gestures: signals
  76. Glacial: icy; unfriendly
  77. Glutton: greedy; spearing in eating and drinking
  78. Grating: harsh; rasping; irritating
  79. Gratuitous: free; unwarranted
  80. Grimy: dirty
  81. Hackneyed: commonplace; banal; over-used
  82. Heterogeneity: variety; non-uniformity
  83. Hilarity: great laughter
  84. Histronic: melodramatic; expressing exaggerated emotion
  85. Holistic: whole; entire
  86. Hubris: excessive pride; haughtiness
  87. Husbandry: careful management of resources
  88. Idiosyncratic: quirky; eccentric; unique to an individual
  89. Ignominy: shame
  90. Imperious: in a commanding manner
  91. Impetuosity: impulsiveness; rash
  92. Impudent: cheeky; irrespectful
  93. Inane: silly
  94. Incoherence: lack of clarity
  95. Inconsequential: unimportant
  96. Inconspicuous: not easily seen; indiscernible
  97. Indiscriminate: without thought; random; careless
  98. Indomitable: unshakeable; fearless
  99. Indulgent: kindly; pampering
  100. Ineffable: cant be expressed in words
  101. Ineptitude: lack of ability
  102. Infelicity: unsuitabilility; inappropriateness
  103. Infusion: influx; addition
  104. Ingenuous: naive
  105. Indigenous: native to a locality
  106. Indictment: charge; legal accusation
  107. Innocuous: harmless
  108. Inscrutable: not easy to comprehend
  109. Subversive: intending to overthrow; seditious; split
  110. Succulent: juicy
  111. Supplant: replace; usurp
  112. Supple: flexible; pliant; lithe
  113. Surfeit: excess
  114. Sustain: support; experience
  115. Sycophant: toady; servile flatterer
  116. Tactile: through the sense of touch
  117. Tangential: off the point; irrelevant
  118. Temper: moderate
  119. Temperamental: volatile; changeable
  120. Temporize: put off; procrastinate; delay
  121. Tenacious: holding firmly to idea or purpose
  122. Therapeutic: medicinal
  123. Thwarted: prevented
  124. Transitory: short-lived; not continous
  125. Teacly: too sweet; over sentimental
  126. Tremulous: hesitant
  127. Tribulation: trouble
  128. Truculence: stubbornness
  129. Undermine: weaken
  130. Unequivocal: certain; undoubtful
  131. Unwitting: not deliberated
  132. Unyielding: not giving up
  133. Vacillate: waver; hesitate
  134. Validated: proved right


  1. Valor: bravery
  2. Venality: corruption
  3. Versatility: ability to do many things
  4. Vex: annoy
  5. Vicarious: experience indirectly; at secondhand
  6. Vigilant: wary; watchful
  7. Vindication: proving right; acquittal
  8. Vindictive: seeking revenge
  9. Viscous: thick and sticky
  10. Volatile: evaporates easily; mercurial; easily angered; emotional
  11. Voluminous: large; bulky; extensive
  12. Vulnerable: open to attack; susceptible
  13. Waning: declining
  14. Warped: twisted; distorted
  15. Wary: cautious
  16. Wannow: sift; separate good from bad
  17. Wistful: sad; yearning; longing in a thoughtful way
  18. Wrath: anger
  19. Abhor: hate
  20. Bigot: narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  21. Counterfeit: fake; false
  22. Enfranchise: give voting rights
  23. Hamper: hinder; obstruct
  24. Kindle: to start a fire
  25. Noxious: harmful; poisonous; lethal
  26. Placid: calm; peaceful
  27. Remuneration: payment for work done
  28. Talisman: lucky charm
  29. Abasement: humiliation; degradation
  30. Billowing: swelling; fluttering; waving
  31. Cower: recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
  32. Enhance: improve; make better or clearer
  33. Harangue: noisy, attacking speech
  34. Labyrinth: a maze
  35. Nullify: to counter; make unimportant
  36. Plaintiff: petitioner (in court of law)
  37. Replete: full
  38. Tangible: can be touched
  39. Plagiarism: taking credit for someone else’s writing or ideas


  1. Knotty: complex; difficult to solve
  2. Engender: cause
  3. Covert: hidden; undercover
  4. Abrogate: cancel; deny; repeal
  5. Blasphemy: speech which offends religious sentiments
  6. Credible: believable
  7. Enigma: puzzle; mystery
  8. Harbingers: indicators; bringers of warnings
  9. Labyrinthine: complicated; highly convoluted
  10. Plaudit: statement giving strong praise
  11. Reprehensible: shameful; very bad
  12. Tardy: slow; late; overdue; delayed
  13. Creditable: praiseworthy
  14. Hasten: hurry; accelerate; rush
  15. Laceration: a cut
  16. Obdurate: stubborn
  17. Plausible: can be believed; reasonable
  18. Reprieve: a respite; postponement of a sentence
  19. Tawdry: of little value; gaudy
  20. Abstain: desist; go without; withdraw
  21. Blighted: damaged; destroyed; ruined
  22. Credulous: gullible; ready to believe anything
  23. Enshroud: cover
  24. Haughtiness: arrogance; pride
  25. Lachrymose: tearful; sad
  26. Obfuscate: deliberately make something difficult to understand
  27. Plethora: an excess
  28. Repudiate: shun; eschew; back from statement
  29. Tedium: boredom
  30. Abstemious: self denying; refraining from indulging
  31. Enunciation: clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
  32. Headstrong: stubborn; willful
  33. Lackluster: dull; monotonous; bland
  34. Objective: unbiased; not subjective
  35. Pliable: flexible; not stubborn
  36. Rescind: retract; repeal
  37. Temper: to moderate; soften
  38. Abstruse: difficult to understand; obscure
  39. Cringe: recoil; flinch; shy away
  40. Envenom: to cause bitterness and bad feeling
  41. Hedonism: self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
  42. Laconic: using few words; brief; to the point
  43. Oblique: indirect; slanting
  44. Tenacious: stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
  45. Accolade: tribute; honor; praise
  46. Bolster: support; prop up
  47. Cryptic: puzzling; enigmatic
  48. Ephemeral: short-lived
  49. Lamentation: expression of regret or sorrow
  50. Obliterate: destroy; demolish; eradicate
  51. Plummet: fall suddenly and steeply
  52. Resolution: determination
  53. Tentative: not certain
  54. Acquiesce: to agree to; give in to
  55. Bombast: arrogant, pompous language
  56. Curtail: cut short
  57. Heed: listen to
  58. Lampoon: ridicule; spoof
  59. Oblivious: totally unaware
  60. Podium: raised platform
  61. Resonant: echoing
  62. Tenuous: flimsy; not solid
  63. Debility weakness; incapacity
  64. Hiatus interruption; pause
  65. Languid tired; slow
  66. Obscured: hidden; covered; buried
  67. Poised: calm; collected; self-possessed
  68. Resplendent: shining; glowing
  69. Therapeutic: medicinal; curative
  70. Acuity: sharpness (mental or visual)
  71. Braggart: someone who boasts
  72. Debunking: exposing false claims or myths
  73. Hidebound: rigid in opinions
  74. Languish: decay; fade away; get weaker
  75. Obsequious: servile; submissive
  76. Polemical: causing debate or argument
  77. Restorative: a tonic
  78. Thwart: prevent; frustrate
  79. Adamant: forceful; inflexible
  80. Brawny: muscular
  81. Equivocate: speak ambiguously;
  82. Hieroglyphics: 1. picture writing; 2. writing which is difficult to read
  83. Larceny: theft; robbery; stealing
  84. Ponderous: weighty; slow and heavy
  85. Retention: preservation; withholding
  86. Timorous: cowardly; fearful
  87. Adroit: skilful Brevity being brief
  88. Decorum: dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]
  89. Err: make a mistake
  90. Hinder: obstruct
  91. Largess: generosity
  92. Obsolete: no longer valid
  93. Reticent: restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
  94. Tirade: stream of verbal abuse
  95. Adulation: strong admiration; worship
  96. Bristle: to show irritation
  97. Erratic: wandering; irregular
  98. Histrionic: theatrical; exaggerated
  99. Laud: praise
  100. Portend: foretell
  101. Retraction: withdrawal; cancellation of a statement
  102. Titter: giggle quietly
  103. Adversity: hardship
  104. Broach: start to discuss; approach
  105. Deference: respect

1000 words | Dawn news vocabulary

  1. Esoteric: obscure and difficult to understand
  2. Hoary: old; white with old age
  3. Lavish: on a grand scale; wasteful
  4. Obtuse: mentally dull
  5. Portent: a warning sign; omen
  6. Revere: worship
  7. Advocate: support
  8. Brusque: blunt; abrupt
  9. Espouse: promote; take up; support
  10. Hone: sharpen; increase; whet
  11. Lax: careless; not strict
  12. Obviate: avoid; make unnecessary
  13. Poseur: someone who puts on an act
  14. Riddled: full of (usually full of holes)
  15. Torpid: inactive; lazy; stagnant
  16. Defunct: no longer in existence
  17. Etymology: the study of word origins
  18. Legend: 1. key to map; 2. myth or story
  19. Odious: hateful Posterity future generations


  1. Rife: common
  2. Torpor: dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
  3. Affable: friendly; social; easygoing
  4. Bureaucracy: officialdom
  5. Degradation: deprivation; poverty; debasement
  6. Eulogy: praise
  7. Hypochondriac: a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
  8. Legion: in large numbers
  9. Officious: domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
  10. Posthumous: after death
  11. Rigor: thoroughness
  12. Totter: walk unsteadily
  13. Alacrity: eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
  14. Deleterious: harmful
  15. Euphemism: a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
  16. Hypocritical: insincere
  17. Lethargic: tired; without energy
  18. Ogle: stare at; observe in an obvious manner
  19. Robust: strong; healthy; tough
  20. Tractable: obedient; dutiful; polite
  21. Deliberate: to think over deeply
  22. Euphony: pleasant sounds
  23. Iconoclast: person who opposes orthodoxy
  24. Levity: flippancy; joking about serious matters; lightness
  25. Olfactory: concerned with the sense of smell
  26. Alibi: an excuse that shows someone was not at a crime scene
  27. Buttress: strengthen; support
  28. Delineation: demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
  29. Evacuate: vacate; empty; abandon
  30. Idiosyncrasy: a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual
  31. Libertarian: someone who opposes tyranny
  32. Ominous: threatening
  33. Potent: powerful; compelling; strong
  34. Ruminate: think over something; ponder
  35. Transcribe: copy
  36. Allay: to lessen
  37. Byline: the line that tells you who wrote an article
  38. Demur: hesitate; refuse
  39. Exacerbate: make worse
  40. Ignominious: shameful
  41. Omnipotent: all-powerful
  42. Pragmatic: practical Ruse trick; stratagem
  43. Transgress: go astray; disobey; commit a sin
  44. Alleviate: make less severe
  45. Cacophony: discordant loud noises
  46. Denounce: condemn; speak out against
  47. Exasperated: frustrated; annoyed
  48. Ignominy: shame [ignominious (a) = shameful]
  49. Lithe: flexible; supple
  50. Omniscient: all-knowing
  51. Pragmatist: practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
  52. Saccharin: falsely sweet
  53. Transient: short-lived; ephemeral
  54. Aloof: distant; detached; cold
  55. Cajole: coax; wheedle; decieve by flattery
  56. Deplete: use up; lessen
  57. Exceptionable: very bad (something which we should object to)
  58. Illuminate: to light up or make clear
  59. Livid: very angry
  60. Onerous: burdensome; hard to undertake
  61. Preamble: introductory material
  62. Sacrosanct: very holy; inviolable
  63. Traverse: to move across
  64. Altruism: putting others first; being self-sacrificing
  65. Deplore: regret
  66. Exculpate: free someone from blame; pardon; acquit
  67. Illusory: deceptive; false; misleading
  68. Onus: burden
  69. Precarious: unstable; risky
  70. Sagacious: wise
  71. Trepidation: fear
  72. Amass: accumulate
  73. Callow: immature
  74. Depravity: moral corruption
  75. Execrable: very, very bad
  76. Immoderate: excessive; extreme
  77. Lofty: snooty; arrogant; haughty
  78. Opaque: does not let light through
  79. Precedent: a previous occurrence used as a guide
  80. Sage: a wise person; person celebrated for wisdom
  81. Trinket: something of little value; knick-knack
  82. Ambiguity: uncertainty; vagueness
  83. Candid: frank; honest
  84. Deprecate: criticize; denounce
  85. Immutable: unchanging; permanent
  86. Longevity: long life
  87. Opulent: wealthy; rich; magnificent
  88. Precept: guiding principle
  89. Salacious: lecherous; erotic
  90. Trite: unoriginal; dull
  91. Ambiguous: unclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways
  92. Candor: frankness; openness
  93. Deride: ridicule; make fun of; mock
  94. Exemplary: outstandingly good; setting a fine example
  95. Impartial: unbiased; neutral
  96. Loquacious: talkative
  97. Sallow: yellowish
  98. Trivial: unimportant
  99. Ambivalence: lack of clarity; wavering;
  100. Cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
  101. Exemplify: to serve as a good example
  102. Impecunious: having no money
  103. Lucid: clear
  104. Ornate: highly decorated
  105. Salubrious: health-giving
  106. Truant: shirker; someone absent without permission
  107. Ambulatory: able to walk around (used of hospital patients)
  108. Capacious: spacious
  109. Desecrate: to damage or pollute a holy place
  110. Exhaustive: complete and thorough Impious wicked; profane
  111. Ludicrous: ridiculous; silly
  112. Orthodox: conventional
  113. Precipitous: done in a hurry
  114. Salutary: something which teaches you a lesson; beneficial
  115. Truncate: cut short
  116. Ameliorate: make better
  117. Capitulate: surrender; give in to
  118. Exonerates: acquits; absolves; removes blame
  119. Impoverished: destitute; poor
  120. Ossify: 1. turn to bone; 2. become fixed and rigid
  121. Preclude: prevent or make impossible
  122. Sanctimonious: hypocritically holy
  123. Tumult: uproar; noise
  124. Amelioration: improvement
  125. Carping: constant criticism; finding faults
  126. Desist: stop; discontinue; cease
  127. Exorcism: getting free/rid of; eliminating (especially demons)
  128. Impromptu: unrehearsed; spontaneous
  129. Lummox: clumsy person
  130. Ostentatious: showy
  131. Precocious: developing early
  132. Sanction: give approval to
  133. Turpitude: depravity
  134. Amiable: friendly; lovable
  135. Cartographer: person who makes maps
  136. Despondent: having no hope; miserable
  137. Expatriate: refugee; emigrant; someone living away from his own country
  138. Inadvertent: not intentional
  139. Luscious: juicy; moist; succulent
  140. Oust: push out of a position
  141. Predecessor: one who came before
  142. Sanguinary: bloodthirsty; bloody
  143. Tyro: novice; beginner
  144. Amity: friendship
  145. Castigate: scold strongly
  146. Destitution: hardship; poverty; misery
  147. Expedient: convenient; practical
  148. Lynch: assassinate; kill; illegal hanging
  149. Overt: obvious; not hidden
  150. Predicament: dilemma; difficult situation
  151. Sanguine: optimistic; cheerful
  152. Ubiquitous: found everywhere; omnipresent
  153. Amorphous: lacking in shape
  154. Deter: put off; prevent
  155. Expedite: make faster
  156. Incarceration: putting in prison
  157. Machinations: plots and plans
  158. Preeminent: famous; outstanding
  159. Sardonic: mocking
  160. Unalloyed: undiluted; total
  161. Analgesic: medicine to combat pain
  162. Caucus: type of private political meeting
  163. Deteriorate: worsen; decline
  164. Exposition: clear explanation
  165. Incessant: without stopping
  166. Maelstrom: whirlpool; storm in the ocean
  167. Prerogative: right or privilege
  168. Savant: person with knowledge
  169. Unctuous: oily; using excessive flattery
  170. Analogous: comparable
  171. Caustic: burning
  172. Detrimental: harmful
  173. Extol: praise
  174. Incipient: just beginning
  175. Magnanimous: generous; big-hearted
  176. Prescient: having fore-knowledge
  177. Scale: to climb
  178. Undermined: damaged; attacked
  179. Anarchy: chaos; lack of government
  180. Devoured: greedily eaten/consumed
  181. Extradite: deport from one country back to the home country
  182. Inclination: tendency; a leaning toward
  183. Palliative: a remedy that improves but doesn’t cure
  184. Presentiment: a feeling that something might happen
  185. Scapegoat: person on whom blame is placed for faults of others
  186. Underscore: emphasize
  187. Dexterous: skilful with hands
  188. Extraneous: irrelevant
  189. Incoherent: not clear
  190. Maladroit: clumsy; unskillful
  191. Pallid: pale
  192. Presumptuous: assuming too much; arrogant
  193. Scrupulous: careful; diligent; painstaking
  194. Unequivocal: clear; obvious
  195. Animosity: hatred; antagonism
  196. Censorious: disapproving; critical
  197. Dichotomy: a division into two parts
  198. Extrapolate: extend; predict on the basis of known data
  199. Incongruous: not fitting in; out of place
  200. Malady: illness
  201. Palpable: easily felt; easily perceived
  202. Pretentious: pompous; self-important
  203. Scrutinize: examine carefully
  204. Unfetter: set free
  205. Censure: blame; criticize
  206. Extrinsic: irrelevant; on the outside
  207. Inconsequential: unimportant; insignificant; negligible
  208. Malediction: a curse Panacea remedy for all ills
  209. Prevaricate: speak misleadingly and evasively
  210. Cerebral: intellectual
  211. Diffident: lacking confidence
  212. Fallacious: false
  213. Inconspicuous: not easily seen; subtle; not noticeable
  214. Malefactor: a wrong-doer
  215. Paradigm: 1. example; 2. model; 3. way of looking at things
  216. Pristine unspoiled
  217. Unprecedented: never having happened before
  218. Anomaly: something which does not fit in a pattern; irregularity
  219. Certitude: certainty
  220. Digress: wander off the subject
  221. Falter: hesitate; waver
  222. Indelible: cannot be wiped out
  223. Malinger: deliberately avoid work; shirk
  224. Paradox: apparently contradictory statement
  225. Sensuous: appealing to the senses
  226. Unscathed: unharmed; intact; without a scratch
  227. Antagonism: hostility; strong opposition
  228. Charlatan: trickster who claims knowledge he doesn’t have
  229. Indifferent: 1. neutral; 2. not outstanding
  230. Malingerer: person who deliberately tries to avoid work
  231. Paragon: a perfect example
  232. Procrastinate: delay; put off
  233. Unwitting: not deliberate; unconscious
  234. Antagonistic: opposed; hostile; aggressive
  235. Chary: watchful; wary of; cautious about; reluctant to give
  236. Dilatory: slow; falling behind with one’s work
  237. Fanaticism: passion; excessive devotion
  238. Indigenous: native to a particular area
  239. Malleable: flexible; can be shaped
  240. Paramount: of supreme importance
  241. Prodigal: wasteful; extravagant
  242. Sequester: isolate
  243. Upbraid: scold; tell off; reprimand
  244. Antediluvian: outdated; prehistoric; very old-fashioned
  245. Dilemma: puzzling situation
  246. Fastidious: overly particular; finicky
  247. Indolence: laziness
  248. Prodigious: very large
  249. Serendipity: fortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
  250. Uproarious: hilarious; hysterical; very funny
  251. Dilettante: person who dabbles in a subject without serious study
  252. Inductee: novice; beginner
  253. Manipulatable: influencable; controllable
  254. Profane: unholy
  255. Serene: calm; peaceful
  256. Upshot: outcome
  257. Diligent: hard-working
  258. Feasible: possible and practicable
  259. Indulgent: pampering; satisfying desires
  260. Marred: damaged; spoiled
  261. Pariah: an outcast from society
  262. Urbane: sophisticated; suave; refined
  263. Antiquated: outdated; old fashioned
  264. Choleric: easily angered
  265. Diorama: model of a scene
  266. Fecund: fertile Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
  267. Marshal: to gather together
  268. Parity: equality
  269. Profound: having deep meaning
  270. Servile: overly submissive; groveling
  271. Usurp: take someone’s position (usually by force)
  272. Apathetic: indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
  273. Chronicler: person who records historical information
  274. Dirge: mournful song
  275. Felicitous: apt
  276. Ineffable: cannot be expressed in words
  277. Marsupial: pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
  278. Parochial: narrow-minded; concerned only with local matters
  279. Skeptical: doubting; not gullible
  280. Utilitarian: useful
  281. Apathy: lack of interest or emotion
  282. Circuitous: indirect; roundabout (circuitous statement)
  283. Disapprobation: disapproval
  284. Fervor: passion; enthusiasm; zeal
  285. Inept: incompetent; unskilled; useless
  286. Martinet: person who believes in strict discipline
  287. Parody: a mockery; imitation for ridicule; spoof
  288. Proletarian: member of the working class
  289. Skirmish: minor battle
  290. Utopian: a believer in an ideal world
  291. Apocryphal: of doubtful origin; not original
  292. Circumlocution: using too many words; long-windedness
  293. Discern: to distinguish one thing from another
  294. Fickle: unpredictable; whimsical; easily swayed
  295. Inertia: inactivity; lethargy
  296. Masochist: person who intentionally inflicts pain on himself
  297. Parry: ward off; avoid
  298. Prolific: producing a lot
  299. Sluggard: slow-moving; lethargic person
  300. Vacillate: waver; hesitate
  301. Appease: pacify; soothe; calm down; make peace with
  302. Circumscribe: limit
  303. Discord: disagreement
  304. Finesse: skill
  305. Inevitable: cannot be avoided
  306. Matriarchy: society governed by women
  307. Parsimonious: economical; frugal; thrifty
  308. Proponents: promoters; supporters
  309. Vacuous: empty; silly; meaningless
  310. Apprehensive: worried; fearful
  311. Circumspect: cautious; considering all sides
  312. Discordancy: cacophony; harshness; jarring
  313. Fitful: not continuous; stopping and starting
  314. Inexorable: relentless
  315. Maverick: a loner
  316. Parsimony: stinginess; frugality; cost-cutting
  317. Prosaic: dull; boring; ordinary
  318. Vagrant: person wandering without a home
  319. Arable: can be cultivated
  320. Circumvent: avoid
  321. Discrepancy: something which does not match up; inconsistency
  322. Flagrant: clearly wrong
  323. Inexpedient: not advisable
  324. Meager: in short supply
  325. Partisan: biased; one-sided; committed to one group
  326. Proscribe: forbid
  327. Solace: comfort for grief
  328. Vapid: dull; uninspiring
  329. Arbitrary: random; for no definite reason
  330. Clairvoyant: psychic; mystic
  331. Discriminate: to make a clear distinction; see the difference
  332. Flamboyant: showy; ornate Infallible perfect; flawless;
  333. Meander: wander from side to side
  334. Pathos: evoking sadness or pity
  335. Prosody: study of versification
  336. Solicit: to ask for; seek
  337. Variegated: multicolored; speckled
  338. Arcane: obscure; known only to a few people
  339. Clamor: shout; scream
  340. Discursiveness: long windedness; indirectness
  341. Flaunt: show off; display in a showy manner
  342. Infamous: famous for something bad
  343. Mellow: soft; melodious; ripe
  344. Patron: one who give support (usually financial)
  345. Prostration: 1. lying face down; 2. be overcome with extreme weakness
  346. Somnambulist: sleepwalker
  347. Vehemence: violence; fervor; forcefulness
  348. Archaic: ancient; outdated; old fashioned
  349. Clandestine: secret; covert; stealthy
  350. Disdain: contempt; strong dislike
  351. Flippant: making jokes about serious matters Infer deduce; conclude
  352. Menagerie: collection of animals
  353. Patronize: condescend to; behave in an arrogant manner towards
  354. Protagonist: main character in film, book,
  355. Soothsayer: fortuneteller
  356. Vehement: forceful
  357. Archetype: classic example of
  358. Clemency: mercy
  359. Disinterested: unbiased
  360. Flout: defy; reject
  361. Ingenue: naive, unsophisticated person
  362. Mendacious: given to lying
  363. Paucity: shortage
  364. Protean: changeable
  365. Sophomoric: juvenile; immature
  366. Venal: corrupt; can be bribed
  367. Archives: collections of old records; place of storage of old documents
  368. Cliche: overused expression; something unoriginal
  369. Disparage: criticize; belittle
  370. Flustered: worked-up; not calm Ingrate ungrateful person
  371. Mercenary: concerned only with money
  372. Peccadillo: minor weakness; trivial offence
  373. Protege: person under protection of, or guided by another
  374. Soporific: inducing sleep; sleep producer
  375. Veneer: surface coating
  376. Articulate: clear; lucid; eloquent
  377. Clientele: customers
  378. Disparity: an inequality
  379. Fly-by-night: unreliable; disreputable
  380. Inimical: hostile
  381. Mercurial: volatile; changeable
  382. Pedant: person who insists on strict adherence to rules or narrow learning
  383. Protocol: procedure; code of behavior
  384. Sparse: spare; bare; meager Venerate revere; worship
  385. Artifice: deception; trickery
  386. Coalesce: come together; merge
  387. Dispassionate: neutral; objective
  388. Forensic: concerned with argument or debate (esp. for legal evidence)
  389. Innate: inherited; inborn
  390. Merge: come together
  391. Pedestrian: common; mundane; banal
  392. Provincial: unsophisticated; narrow-minded
  393. Specious: false
  394. Venial: minor; unimportant
  395. Artisan: craftsman
  396. Coddle: pamper; fuss over; indulge
  397. Disseminating: circulating; broadcasting; spreading (information)
  398. Fortitude: bravery Innocuous harmless; inoffensive
  399. Metaphorically: symbolically; figuratively Peerless without equal
  400. Prudent: cautious; wise
  401. Speckled: spotted; freckled; dotted
  402. Veracity: truthfulness
  403. Ascetic: without luxuries; severely simple
  404. Coercion: force
  405. Diurnal: active in daytime
  406. Fortuitous: happening by chance
  407. Innovate: create; introduce something new
  408. Meticulous: very careful; painstaking
  409. Pejorative: derogatory
  410. Puerile: childish
  411. Sporadic: not continuous; intermittent
  412. Verbose: talkative; long-winded; rambling
  413. Assiduous: thorough; diligent
  414. Cogent: lucid; well argued
  415. Divert: 1. entertain; 2. distract; 3. cause a detour
  416. Fractious: irritable; difficult to control
  417. Inscrutable: mysterious; impenetrable
  418. Mettle: courage; bravery; valor
  419. Pellucid: transparently clear
  420. Punctilious: paying attention to small details
  421. Spurious: false
  422. Assuage: to calm
  423. Cogitate: think over something; ponder
  424. Docile: gentle and easily lead
  425. Fraudulent: fake; false
  426. Insentient: unfeeling
  427. Milieu: environment
  428. Pensive: in a thoughtful mood; thinking deeply
  429. Purloin: steal
  430. Stagnant: still; not moving
  431. Vertigo: dizziness
  432. Astute: perceptive; sharp-witted
  433. Collage: picture made from fragments of other pictures
  434. Dogmatic: having stubbornly held opinions
  435. Frivolous: not serious Insipid dull; bland; boring
  436. Mire: swamp; muddy ground
  437. Penury: poverty
  438. Pusillanimous: cowardly
  439. Staid: dull; sober; serious
  440. Vestigial: not developed
  441. Asylum: place of refuge or safety
  442. Collate: arrange in order
  443. Dolt: stupid person
  444. Frugal: economical; not wasting anything
  445. Instigate: to start; provoke
  446. Misanthrope: hater of the rest of mankind
  447. Perceptive: observant
  448. Pyromania: compulsion to start fires
  449. Stanza: section of a poem
  450. Vignette: small sketch
  451. Atheist: person who does not believe in God


  1. Colloquial: local and informal (used of language)
  2. Dotard: foolish old man
  3. Furrow: groove
  4. Instigator: troublemaker; person who entices others to do something
  5. Misnomer: wrong name
  6. Percipient: perceptive; insightful
  7. Quaff: drink down quickly
  8. Staunch: loyal; faithful; dependable
  9. Vilification: blackening someone’s name
  10. Atrophy: waste away from lack of use
  11. Collusion: plotting and planning
  12. Drawl: speak slowly with words running together
  13. Furtive: hidden and secret
  14. Insurgent: a rebel
  15. Misogynist: hater of women
  16. Perdition: damnation
  17. Quagmire: marsh; bog
  18. Stereotype: fixed image
  19. Vindicate: prove right; remove blame
  20. Attenuate: weaken

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