New Interesting Riddles in Urdu with Answers


Some interesting riddles with answers given in urdu and hindi.All the riddles are full of knowledge and you will also give exercise to your mind.Hope so you will use yourmind fully and will answer these riddles correctly.You can also download inpdf as the link is given in bottom.




Riddles (Paheliyaan) Answers
woh kosni cheez hy jisy khaany sy insaan tandrust hojata hy or agar wohi cheez insaan ko lag jye toh insaan marr jata hy Goli (Tablet sy tandrust and Bullet sy death)
woh konsi cheez hy jisy chatt sy phenko toh zinda rhegi or paani mein daalo toh marr jayegi kaghazz (paper)
wohh kia cheez hy jo barish k nicchy aany sy ooper jaati hy chatri (umbrella)
wohh konsa mulk hy jahan chewing gum parr pabandi hy singapur
wohh konsi cheez hy jisy naa choo skty hen na haath aati hy bass kaan sy pakri jaa skti hy awaz
wohh konsi cheez hy jo naak par beth kar aapky kaaan pakarti hy chashma ( glasses)
wohh konsi cheez hy jisy khushki par nhi khaa skty usy khaany kliye paani mein jana parta hy ghotta ( dive)
woh konsi cheez hy jisy koi torr nhi skta saya ( shadow)
Esa kia hy jisy aap ek baar dekh skty hen dobara nzr nhi aati guzra hua kal (past)
wohh konsi game hy jismen pichy reh jaany wala jeet jata hy rassa kashi ( tug of war)
wohh konsi cheez hy jisy sirf aap dekh skty hein orr koi nhi dekh skta Apka khoab ( dream)




















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